League Of Legends World Location 2020

Riot just after 2019 League Of Legends world final have tweeted about 2020 world location.

League of legend world final 2020

From the tweet it is clear that 2020 League of Legends World Location is going to held in China. And Final is going to held in SHANGHAI with over 56,842 capacity.

League being super popular in China and two back to back world champion region it is no doubt 2020 world in China is going to be massive.

Invictus Gaming winning win 2018 and FunPlus Pheonix winning in 2019, shows how dominant China have become in League. And being World in China 2020 we can surly guess that we might see another championship going to the China side.

It is truly an Era for China in League of Legends Esports. If other region IE Korea or Europe can not step up in 2020, China as a region going to be unstoppable in their own soil.

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