League of Legends’ tech lead explains why EU servers are encountering frequent crashes

EUW server is down yet again, and League of Legends’ tech lead says EU servers are experiencing crashes because of outages that been caused by malicious internet traffic or also known as DDoS.

In celebration of League of Legends’ Season 11, Riot announced Clash schedule for the Shadow Isles Cup which was supposed to take place on January 16th and 17th. However, due to “issues with the EU network and servers” Riot had to cancel the day 1 Clash and announced that the day 2 Clash would continue.

But, even on day 2, EUW and EUNE players were unable to queue up for the Shadow Isles Cup resulted in Riot to refund all the purcheed and used Clash tickets.

Players from Europe however were certainly not happy about the issue and many started to meme about how Clash has again become “League of Crash”. League of Legends’ community like r/leagueoflegends was also full of complaints as well. Moreover, today during Viego’s release, the EUW server is encountering login issues and Riot has scheduled an “Emergency Maintenance”.

Even though Riot remained silent and didn’t mention the exact reason why EUW and EUNE servers crashed at that time. Today, League of Legends’ tech lead Riot Penrif, has spoken up on why those servers were/are experiencing issues.

“The outages have been caused by malicious internet traffic, colloquially known as a “goddamn DDoS”,” Riot Penrif said in the Twitter thread. “It’s worth clearing up that the issues affecting Clash over the weekend weren’t due to anything with Clash, just the timing of the attack.”

“We use non-standard communication protocols for some of our software while most of the anti-DDoS technology development has focused on HTTP because the interwebs mostly is just webs,” Riot Penrif further added. “That means that we can’t always just reach for The Thing Everyone Does When DDoSed.”

Riot Penrif did ensure that even though they can’t reveal “more specific details”, they are currently working hard to tackle this outrage.