League of Legends: Lore of Every Champion Summarized

League of Legends is based on a fictional world of Runeterra. In Runeterra all the champions have their own backstories or goals. And if you want to read your favorite champion’s Lore in brief, Ir_Abelas has made a summarized Lore for every League of Legends champion.

Summarized Lore of Every Champion

AATROX: Originally an Ascended, but now a Darkin, he has been trapped within his sword since the Darkin Wars. Coming to the conclusion that’s he’s indestructible, he hopes to end the world in an effort to end himself.

AHRI: A Vastaya from Ionia, Ahri fed on the memories and emotions of others, killing people in the process, and was viewed as a monster because of it. She has since had a change of heart and is trying to overcome her urge to feed while also searching for other Vastaya like her.

AKALI: A member of the Kinkou Order, Akali disagreed with their lack of action, and left the order to bring her own balance to Ionia, becoming a rogue assassin.

ALISTAIR: A noble warrior of the minotaur clans of the Great Barrier mountains, only to be betrayed by his people and taken as a slave by Noxus along with his tribe, forced into their gladiator pits. Escaping to freedom, Alistair roams the edges of Noxian territory, helping those who seek to rebel against Noxus’ iron grip, as well as searching for the girl who helped him escape.

AMUMU: Their exact history is unknown as they have become a mythological figure within Shurima, but the one common factor all the tales tell is that Amumu has arisen from the dead to seek friends.

ANIVIA: Freljordian Demi-God of the wind and frost, as well as a guide to those who follow her, she’s eternally reborn in order to protect her homeland. She seeks to stop corruption that’s spreading across the Freljord.

ANNIE: A child mage with terrifying magical power, she was orphaned after accidentally killing her father and step-mother. She now wanders the outskirts of Noxian territory, lost in the innocence of youth.

APHELIOS: Trained since birth to be a warrior-assassin for the Lunari faith, Aphelios is aided by his sister Alune, who sends him weapons from across the spirit realm.

ASHE: War-Mother of the Avarosan tribe, while not personally believing it herself, her people believe her to be the reincarnation of Avarosa. She hopes to unify all the tribes of the Freljord, and to create a prosperous era for her people.

AURELION SOL: A cosmic being who helped create the very universe, and is responsible for the creation of stars, he was enslaved by the Targonians. As the Targonians continue to lose focus through fighting each other and the Void, he hopes to regain his freedom.

AZIR: The last Emperor of Shurima, he was killed by his friend, Xerath, and disgraced by his hubris which led to the Shuriman Empire’s destruction. Recently resurrected after he helped heal his last living descendant, Sivir, he is now trying to recreate the Shuriman Empire and bring back it’s golden age.

BARD: A mysterious comsic entity, their reasoning and history is unknown, but their motives are to keep the fragile balance and peace of the universe.

BLITZCRANK: A golem built by Viktor, Blitzcrank now helps the people of Zaun, and has a growing sentience and fondness for people.

BRAND: Formally a human mage and the apprentice of Ryze, Brand gained the powers of a World Rune, and now searches for the other runes as well, bringing down his hate upon the world.

BRAUM: A near legend of the Freljordian people, Braum is simply a big man with an even bigger heart, giving his all to protect and help those in need.

CAITLYN: Sheriff of Piltover and leader of the Wardens, Caitlyn takes down criminals while searching for a person known only as “C”, who is responsible for an attack on her family.

CAMILLE: Principal Intelligencer of Clan Ferros, Camille ensures the continued prosperity of her clan as well as Piltover by maintaining the delicate balance between Zaun and Piltover, while also taking down any she deems to be a threat to progress.

CASSIOPEIA: A member of the Noxian noble house of Du Couteau, she was transformed into a half snake monster after a failed expedition to Shurima for hidden artifacts, and serves the Black Rose. Her transformation has stopped however, and her new arcane might is only continuing to grow.

CHO’GATH: A Void-Spawn, Cho’Gath is an almost titanic monster that seeks nothing more than to consume all life around him and continue to grow larger and larger.

CORKI: Outdated Lore

DARIUS: An orphan who rose high within the ranks of the Noxian military, he is now the leader of Trifarian Legion, and serves as the Principle of Might of the Trifarix, the ruling council of Noxus.

DIANA: Originally a member of the Solari faith, she was imbued with the Aspect of the Moon, and now carries out it’s will.

DR. MUNDO: A crazed monster who is just barely human, Mundo roams Zaun believing himself to be a doctor, and forces his “operations” on any he comes in contact with.

DRAVEN: The brother of Darius, and a egotistical glory seeker, Draven became an executioner, and has turned the affair into a spectacle, only to further blow up his own already inflated ego.

EKKO: A Zaunite youth, Ekko uses the device on his back to alter time, and has become a protector of fellow youths within Zaun, leading his own gang called the “Lost Children of Zaun.” Ironically, he actually has parents.

ELISE: A Noxian noble woman, she was scarred by her husband and gained back her beauty after an encounter with a spider-god of the Shadow Isles. She now serves the Black Rose, and regularly sacrifices people to her god in order to maintain her eternal youth and beauty.

EVELYNN: A demon who uses a seductive façade to lure people in, she feeds off of their pain and misery, torturing others so she may continue to live.

EZREAL: A pompous Piltovan adventurer, Ezreal explores and studies ancient ruins both out of genuine curiosity and interest, and also to increase his fame. He hopes that his parents will return once he becomes famous enough, even though their most likely dead in a ditch somewhere.

FIDDLESTICKS: The embodiment of primordial fear, Fiddlesticks is a demon that’s drawn to areas of mass paranoia, most recently bringing him to the outskirts of Demacia.

FIORA: Head of the Demacian noble house of House Laurent, Fiora gained the position after killing her father in a duel after she witnessed him cheating in a duel. She now longs for a worthy opponent, her dueling skills are unmatched.

FIZZ: A Yordle, Fizz originally lived alongside an underwater city, a welcomed visitor to it’s people, until they were all killed and he fell into a catatonic state. He has since reawakened, and amuses himself by playing pranks on the people of Bilgewater.

GALIO: A giant statue made of petricite, Galio can only come to life when exposed to magic, and protects Demacia from all magical and arcane threats.

GANGPLANK: A feared reaver pirate captain, Gangplank was seemingly killed by Miss Fortune, but survived, and now seeks revenge.

GAREN: Leader of the Dauntless Vanguard, and protector of King Jarvan IV, Garen is a courageous warrior and protector of Demacia with unshakable faith in his country. However, the events of the mage civil war in Demacia and the knowledge that his own sister, Lux, is a mage, might lead him to begin to question.

GNAR: A primitive yordle from a long ago era of the Freljord, Gnar was frozen by True Ice, but has escaped from the ice, and now wanders across the Freljord.

GRAGAS: A fatass alchoholic with nothing better to do, Gragas searches the Freljord, half naked, for the perfect ale.

GRAVES: An infamous outlaw known for working with Twisted Fate, Garevs was captured and thrown into a Zaun prison, where he wanted nothing more than to break free and exact his revenge on Twisted Fate for leaving him. He has escaped, but the two men have made their peace, and work together again stealing all they can.

HECARIM: Originally a warrior from a long forgotten kingdom, he was overtaken by a lust for power, and is partially responsible for the Ruination. He was reborn in the Black Mist as a spectral monster, delighting in the slaughtering of the living.

HEIMERDINGER: A Yordle who resides in Piltover, Heimerdinger is a scientist and inventor. (That’s honestly it, he doesn’t really have any goals, or that much of a backstory either.)

ILLAOI: The prophet of Nagakabouros, Illaoi uses the golden idol that holds her god’s power to test the will and spirit of those around her.

IRELIA: A hero of Ionia for her part in helping defeat the Noxian invaders, Irelia formerly lead other Ionians who believed they should take the fight to Noxus out of revenge, but struggled with the pressures of being a leader. She has since stepped down from the position, but it still viewed by many as a symbol of the people.

IVERN: Originally a Freljordian war lord, Ivern’s body and spirit was combined with that of a great mystical tree, and he now roams Runeterra protecting all wildlife.

JANNA: A wind elemental worshipped by some as a goddess, Janna watched over the seas and protected sailors before being called to Zaun, where she is now a guardian spirit for the downtrodden and hopeless.

JARVAN IV: The King of Demacia, Jarvan had wandered Runeterra, inviting many that his homeland would look down upon to be his companions. Since the death of his father, he has taken his place as king, and it remains to be seen whether he stills holds his more progressive views, or has turned against them.

JAX: One of the last surviving people of the lost land of Icathia, Jax wanders Runeterra searching for a worthy opponent, hoping that together they may save Icathia.

JAYCE: A promising and skilled hextech inventor, he’s viewed as a hero by those of Piltover, although he himself is ambivalent towards the attention.

JHIN: A murderous sociopath who believes death to be a form of art, Jhin is currently being used by a cabal of radical Ionian elders, his gruesome art displays a scare tactic to keep would be foes out of Ionia.

JINX: Another murderous sociopath, Jinx regularly creates chaos in Piltover for nothing more than her own amusement, casual violence and explosions being second nature to her.

KAI’SA: A young girl who had fallen into the Void, Kai’sa survived by letting a void-spawn join her body, forming a symbiotic relationship with the creature as it acts as a protective suit. She questions whether she should let the Void take over, or help a world that fears her.

KALISTA: A warrior from the same forgotten kingdom as Hecarim, Kalista was also killed by the Ruination, but reformed by the Black Mist. She now acts as a spectral assassin of sorts, getting revenge for those who form a pact with her, although their souls are the price.

KARMA: The living embodiment of the Great Spirit of Ionia, Karma strives to keep the balance in Ionia, between the traditionalist who seek to return to their peaceful ways, and the radicals who want to bring the fight to Noxus.

KARTHUS: A man who saw death as something holy, Karthus ventured to the Shadow Isles to be reborn in the Black Mist, and now brings the treasure of undeath to the living.

KASSADIN: A man with nothing to left lose after he lost everything to the Void, he outfitted himself with all the magical relics and artifacts he could, and now fights against it. His himself was also touched by the Void, and uses their own powers against them.

KATARINA: A member of the Noxian noble house of Du Couteau and sister of Cassiopeia, Katarina is an assassin for the Noxian military, and searches for the culprit of her father’s death.

KAYLE: The daughter of the Aspect of Justice, Kayle was the guardian of Demacia for a time until a battle with her sister, Morgana, caused her to see the fault in her own human nature. She has since resided in Targon, hoping to shed herself of all her humanity in order to percieve perfect divine justice.

KAYN: Yet another murderous sociopath, Kayn is an acolyte of the Order of Shadow, and Zed’s most promising student. Kayn wields a Darkin scythe, and hopes to become the next master of the Order.

KENNEN: The Heart of The Storm of the Kinkou Order, the yordle Kennen helps keep the balance between all three leaders, as well as managing the relationship between the Order and the people of Ionia.

KHA’ZIX: A Void-spawn, Kha’Zix’s goal is to become the apex predator through evolution, evolving every time he slays another beast.

KINDRED: The twin embodiments of death, Kindred roams Runeterra, visiting people in their final moments. Lamb offer a quick, painless death for those who accept death, while Wolf chases and eviscerates those who attempt to run from their end.

KLED: The yordle Kled fights for Noxus atop his mount, Skarrl, a rather cowardly lizard, and is a legend among the Noxian military.

KOG’MAW: A Void-spawn, Kog’Maw is still new to the world of Runeterra, and although his intentions aren’t malevolent, he kills and eats everybody in his way as he roams the world.

LEBLANC: The matron and founder of the Black Rose, LeBlanc is a mysterious sorceress who’s existed since before the creation of Noxus, and who’s motives and goals remain shrouded.

LEE SIN: Wielding the spirit of a mighty dragon, Lee Sin was banished from his monastery for his reckless pride, but was allowed to return when he defended it against the Noxian invasion. He now tries to master the spirit, and himself, so he can better protect his home in times ahead.

LEONA: A Solari warrior, and Aspect of the Sun, Leona saw the truth when imbued with the Sun’s power, and now searches for Diana to make things right.

LISSANDRA: An ancient being who’s existed for near millennia, Lissandra made a deal with the Watchers, gaining power in exchange for her servitude. She has since turned against them, and has them frozen beneath her citadel, using of all of her resources to keep them from entering the world.

LUCIAN: Wielding relic pistols that are particularly effective against the undead, Lucian wades a one man crusade against Thresh, who stole the spirit of Lucian’s wife, Senna. Now that she has returned, they fight the Black Mist of the Shadow Isles together, though Lucian struggles to accept Senna’s new nature and cope with his undiminished rage.

LULU: A yorlde, Lulu brings enchantment to the world alongside her fairy companion, Pix.

LUX: Born of the Demacian noble house of Crownguard, and sister to Garen, Lux was forced to keep her magical abilities hidden as it is taboo to be a mage in Demacia. She now works covertly, helping mages in Demacia, and hoping that somehow mages and non mages can live in peace together.

MALPHITE: An elemental creature born of the Ixtali construct known as the Monolith, Malphite uses his tremendous strength to keep peace in a frequently chaotic world.

MALZAHAR: Capable of seeing the future, Malzahar was brought to the ruins of Icathia by visions of the Void. He now views himself as its prophet, spreading its influence across Shurima.

MAOKAI: Originally a nature spirit, Maokai bound himself to a tree after the Ruination, and now seeks to return the Shadow Isles to their former glory and rid it of the undead.

MASTER YI: The last living master and original member of the Wuju practioners, his village was destroyed when he left during the war of Noxus and Ionia, and now searches for new disciples to pass on the Wuju legacy.

MISS FORTUNE: Originally just a bounty hunter with a personal grudge against Gangplank, he killed her mother, she has since exacted her revenge, and now acts as a leader of Bilgewater.

MORDEKAISER: A feared warlord with necromantic sorcery, he sought to join the gods by paving his life with the death of those beneath him, but after seeing the afterlife, he forced his own resurrection, and made an empire built on dead thralls. He has since been defeated, but his influence is returning, and quickly.

MORGANA: The daughter of the Aspect of Justice and sister to Kayle, Morgana was also a guardian of Demacia in an earlier era, but where Kayle chose divinity, Morgana embraced her humanity. She now serves out of her own justice in the outskirts of Demacia on a personal level, believing that even sinners can be redeemed.

NAMI: An aquatic Vastaya from the Marai tribe, Nami seeks out the Aspect of the Moon to save her people from the Void.

NASUS: One of the few Ascended left from the old Shuriman Empire, Nasus put himself into self-imposed exile after seeing it fall due its own hubris. Now that Azir has returned, Nasus had pledged himself to make sure the Empire never falls again.

NAUTILUS: Once a simple man who dived into the depths of the ocean to collect treasure from sunken ships, Nautilus was betrayed by his crew, and consumed by some otherworldly power. He’s now bonded to the metal suit he sunk in, and takes out his anger on the greedy and wretched, becoming a legend in the taverns of Bilgewater.

NEEKO: A Vastaya of the Oovi-Kat tribe, a tribe with a particularly strong connection to the Vastayashai’rei, her entire tribe was wiped out, leaving her the only survivor. Neeko now roams the Kumungu jungles, hoping to make a new tribe.

NIDALEE: Raised in the Kumungu jungles by a family of cougars, Nidalee is mostly human, but with a very small trace of Vastaya blood in her, allowing her to take the form of a cougar. She protects her kin and the jungles from would be predators and hunters.

NOCTURNE: A demon born during the Rune Wars, and crafted by Shadow Magic, Nocturne was used to kill his masters enemies in their dreams, but was locked away in the Spirit Realm. Now free, he occasionally ventures into the living world, a walking manifestation of peoples nightmares.

NUNU & WILLUMP: Nunu is the orphan of a nomadic Freljordian tribe, Willump is perhaps the last living Yeti. Nunu sought to slay Willump to prove that he was a hero, but after the two met, they became best friends. The two now roam the Freljord, creating mischief and fun wherever they please, while searching for Nunu’s mother.

OLAF: A fearsome Viking warrior of the Freljord, he was told by a seer that he would die of old age, a dishonorable death among his people, and now Olaf fights anybody and everybody in an effort to get the honorable death he wants so badly.

ORIANNA: The daughter of a wealthy Piltovan inventor, Orianna caught a sickness after going down to Zaun to help their people. Her body decaying piece by piece, each part was replaced by machinery until there was nothing left of the original girl. The mechanical construct that now uses the name of Orianna wanders, searching for her purpose and meaning in the world.

ORNN: A Demi-God of the Freljord, he was worshipped as the patron of smiths and hard workers, but after all his followers were massacred by Volibear, Ornn went into isolation. Returned once more, he has made it his duty to put Volibear back in his place.

PANTHEON: Imbued by the Aspect of War, Atreus was used as a puppet by the celestial, until Aatrox cut the entity out of him. Now fully returned, but still imbued with the Aspect’s power, Atreus slays gods, hoping to prove that humanity has their own strength within.

POPPY: A Yordle who was friends with the legendary figure Orlon, she was given his equally legendary hammer after he died, and now searches Demacia for somebody heroic enough to wield it, unaware that she is her very hero.

PYKE: An infamous harpooner in the docks of Bilgewater, Pyke was seemingly killed was he was eaten whole by a giant fish. However, in the belly of the beast, he was awakened by something powerful and ancient, and now has returned to Bilgewater to exact his revenge on the crew that left him behind.

QIYANA: The youngest daughter of the Ixtali royal family, Qiyana refused to be last when she had the strongest elemental magic of all her sisters. Slowly but surely, she’s amassing allies as she hopes to claim what she views as her rightful place as the empress of Ixtal.

QUINN: A ranger of the Demacian military, Quinn goes on covert missions for her country with the aid of her avian companion, Valor.

RAKAN: An infamous Vastaya, known for his revelry and dancing, he was enraptured by Xayah’s complete indifference towards him when they first met, and has joined in her cause to help the Vastayan people.

RAMMUS: A really smart armadillo that has sentience and is worshipped as a god in Shurima.

REK’SAI: A Void-spawn who has made their home in the desserts of Shurima, Rek’Sai has spawned multiple other void creatures.

RENEKTON: One of the few Ascended left of the old Shuriman empire, and brother to Nasus, he sacrificed his life to help stop Xerath, being entombed with Xerath for centuries. Driven insane by the experience, he has risen from the sands, and now seeks to kill his brother for their supposed betrayal.

RENGAR: A Vastaya from a tribe located in the Kumugu jungles, Rengar was a runt, and disowned for it. Proving his hunting prowess over time, he returned to his tribe and killed his father, taking their place as the leader of the tribe. He has a personal vendetta against Kha’Zix, who took his eye.

RIVEN: A solider with complete faith in Noxus, she was sent to Ionia during its invasion, and lost her faith in her country after seeing the horrors of war. She now resides in Ionia, seeking redemption in her own self-imposed exile.

RUMBLE: Outdated Lore

RYZE: A mage alive during the Rune Wars, after seeing the destruction World Runes could bring, made it his personal mission to find them all and hide them, in order to save Runeterra from itself.

SEJUANI: Warmother of the Winter Claw, Sejuani fights for survival, and to see her tribe become the strongest, believing she can purify the Freljord by subjecting them to war, for only the strong will survive.

SENNA: A member of the Sentinels of Light alongside her husband, Lucian, Senna was cursed to have the Black Mist follow her, and it seemed her end when Thresh caged her soul within his lantern. Having escaped, she and Lucian now seek out the Ruined King, to stop him and thus also stop the Black Mist.

SETT: The child of a Vastayan woman and a Noxian pit fighter, as a half breed and a child of the enemy, Sett was shunned as a child. He would later join the pit fights in an effort to find his father, only to take control of them himself.

SHACO: Outdated Lore

SHEN: Leader of the Kinkou Order, Shen keeps the peace in Ionia between the material realm and the spirit realm, being completely devoid of emotions in order to have perfect clarity and judgement.

SHYVANA: Born from a dragon egg that was tainted by human magic, Shyvana lived with her father on the run, as she was a disgrace in her mothers eyes. Having killed her mother, she tries to master her own aggression, having found some semblance of peace within Demacia after having been welcomed there by Jarvan IV. (Since the events of the Lux comic series, and the short story “Aftermath”, it’s unknown where she is or what she’s up to.)

SINGED: Displaying a natural aptitude for the life of a scholar at an early age, Singed was one of the leading researchers at the University of Piltover. However, as hextech became more and more popular, attention to his work waned, and he was forced to Zaun. Without care for ethics, Singed has let his research run rampant, creating abominations and destroying lives.

SION: The man who slew the first King Jarvan with his dying breath, Sion was hailed as a hero by the people of Noxus. Resurrected by the Black Rose under Boram Darkwill’s reign of Noxus, he is now used as a weapon of war.

SIVIR: The last descendent of Azir, Sivir was an infamous treasure hunter until she was betrayed on an expedition by Cassiopeia. Now aware of her lineage, it is up to Sivir to decide whether she wants to join in the recreation of the Shuriman Empire or remain as a simple treasure hunter.

SKARNER: A creature belonging to the Brackern race, Skarner was in hibernation until he was awoken by the screams of his kin. Finding their stones stolen, he now searches for them.

SONA: Outdated Lore

SORAKA: A celestial who sacrificed their immortality to help humanity, she sought to lead them to the designs the celestials had made for them. Now seeing the beauty in the inherent chaos of humanity, she looks after them, believing they still have so much more potential to reach.

SWAIN: The Principle of Vision of the Trifarix, Swain made a deal with a demon in order to protect Noxus from a threat few others can see or are even aware of, the threat being the return of Mordekaiser.

SYLAS: A mage born into Demacia, he was imprisoned after accidentally killing a few people, and also because he’s a mage. Refusing to be chained down, he is now the leader of a radical mage rebellion within the kingdom, who’ve already killed the king, and seek to bring down the ruling class entirely.

SYNDRA: A mage with a constantly growing amount of power, she was feared a child because of it, and sent to a monastery to better control her magic. When she discovered her teacher had actually put a spell on her that limited her growth she was outraged and killed him. Put into a forced hibernation by the Great Spirit of Ionia, she was recently reawakened by Ionians who thought they could use her as a weapon against Noxus.

TAHM KENCH: A demon that feeds off of the greed others, he got his name through a gambler he ate.

TALIYAH: A Shuriman mage, she joined Noxus hoping they could teach her how to control her powers, only to leave them and be taught by Yasuo. Hearing the rumors of the return of Azir, she has gone returned to Shurima to protect her family.

TALON: An orphan who became infamous for his stealth, he was adopted into the Du Couteau family by their patriarch, and trained as an assassin. Now that the patriarch is dead, Talon is free to do what he will, but chooses to search for his masters killer.

TARIC: A former knight of Demaica, he was exiled and sentenced to climb Mount Targon after all his soldiers were killed under his command. Reaching the top, he was imbued with the Aspect of the Protector, and now shields Runeterra from the Void.

TEEMO: Outdated Lore? (I’m not entirely sure where Teemo sits currently, as his lore was left relatively unchanged after the Institute was made non canonical. What’s currently on his universe page could possibly be considered canon.)

THRESH: Originally a man tasked with watching over arcane artifacts, he was driven mad while in constant exposure to them, and when the Ruination occurred, he was reborn in the Black Mist. Now he’s a wraith who tortures peoples souls for his own amusement.

TRISTANA: Admiring the way mortals protect things dear to them, Tristana made it her duty to protect Bandle City. She now roams Runeterra, protecting the many portals that lead to the yordle city from humans.

TRUNDLE: A troll seeking to become leader of all trolls, he ventured into the Lissandra’s citadel, hoping to get a weapon made of True Ice. When confronted by her, he convinced Lissandra to let him have it, and in exchange the trolls would be at her service. He now is king of the trolls. (Possibly outdated)

TRNDAMERE: Belonging to an outcast beserker tribe in the Freljord, they were nearly all slaughtered by Aatrox. Bringing the survivors with him, Tryndamere ventured to the Avarosan tribe for help, and were welcomed into the tribe after Tryndamere fought in some gladiator fights. He’s now married to Ashe, but worries his destiny will lead him away from her.

TWISTED FATE: Born of the people of the Serpent Isles, Twisted Fate quickly caught on to the magic of cards at a young age. Using this, he has travelled across Valoran, stealing and gambling to his hearts content.

TWITCH: A rat that was mutated by chemical exposure, Twitch roams the lowest levels of Zaun, and is fiercely territorial.

UDYR: A spirit walker, Udyr was taken in by members of the Winter Claw, only for the members to be massacred by the Frostguard. Outcast, Udyr found friendship in the exiled monk, Lee Sin, journeying with him to Ionia after they heard Noxus had invaded. He has since returned to the Freljord, and hopes to find his own peace.

URGOT: An executioner during Boram Darkwill’s reign of Noxus, he was thrown into a Zaunite prison when Swain took control of Noxus. Freeing himself and taking control of the prison, he now seeks to purge the unworthy and the weak, for only the strong should survive. He has since been captured and resides in a Piltovan prison.

VARUS: An Ascended being, after the fall of the Shuriman Empire, Varus descended into a Darkin, and was trapped inside his own bow towards the end of the conflict. The bow was then kept safe within an Ionian monastery, but when a hunter thought he could use it to save his lover, the two were bonded with Varus, mentally and physically, forming one being. Varus, now freed, seeks his sister.

VAYNE: Borne into the Demacian noble house of Vayne, Shauna’s parents were murdered by Evelynn when she was a young girl. Over the years, she has transformed herself into a remorseless hunter of darkness, hoping for the day she can kill the demon who killed her parents.

VEIGAR: A Yordle who was tortured and imprisoned by Mordekaiser, Veigar was driven mad through the experience he endured. he now sees himself as somebody to be feared, a hateful magician that should be respected, despite all evidence to the contrary.

VEL’KOZ: One of the first beings created by the Watchers, Vel’koz travels all of Runeterra to learn, and gives all the information to his masters.

VI: A Zaunite orphan, Vi was part of a street gang before having a change of heart, and has since joined the Wardens of Piltover.

VIKTOR: Brilliant inventor, promising genius, Viktor thought only to help others, but as his work was stolen from him by Piltovans, and he witnessed the imperfections of humanity, he now seeks to perfect people through turning them into machines.

VLADIMIR: Alive since the Darkin Wars, he was originally a prince given over to the Darkin as a hostage, but earned his masters favor and was allowed to learn blood magic. He then used it against his masters, and has since done whatever he pleases, along with helping found the Black Rose. Currently, he plays the part of a Noxian aristocrat.

VOLIBEAR: A Frejordian Demi-God of lightning, thunder, and war, Volibear is brother to Ornn, and embodies the primal nature of the Freljord and it’s people. He isn’t necessarily worshipped so much as he is appeased by those who don’t wish to draw his ire.

WARWICK: A Zaunite thug, Warwick tried to turn over a new leaf but was kidnapped by Singed, and forced through his experiments. Now a chimeric being, he hunts down criminals in the depths of Zaun, but is slowly losing control over his increasingly savage behavior.

WUKONG: An energetic Vastaya of the Shimon tribe, WuKong could not sit idly by as Noxus invaded Ionia. He then wandered Ionia, searching for other warriors that could help train him, and settled with Master Yi. Since learning the Wuju style, he now protects Ionia from any would be threats. (Possibly outdated after Yi got his lore updated.)

XAYAH: Belonging to the Lhotlan tribe, after her tribe disappeared, Xayah hopes to bring back the spirit magic of Ionia and restore the Vastaya to their true glory.

XERATH: Born a slave during the time of the ancient Shuriman Empire, Xerath became the best of friends with the young Azir. Growing up, Xerath could no longer stand being a slave while his friend grew to be prideful and arrogant, and had him assassinated and took his place in the Ascension ritual. Morphed by the raw power, he was entombed, but has risen again, and seeks to create his own empire, and also kill Azir again.

XIN ZHAO: Captured by Noxian during their invasion of his homeland, he was forced into their gladiator arean. Xin Zhao was then rescued by Jarvan III, and made his personal protector, and now protects his son, Jarvan IV.

YASUO: During the invasion of Ionia, Yasuo was given the responsibility of watching over the elder of his monastery, but passion drove him to join the fight on the frontlines. When he returned, the elder was dead, and Yasuo was blamed for it. Yasuo now searches for the true culprit. (It’s somewhat unclear, but since the release of the three part short story “Confessions of a Broken Blade” it’s safe to say Yasuo is now aware that Riven is the true culprit, but what he does now is entirely up to him.)

YORICK: Capable of talking to the dead, Yorick was included into a priesthood that was responsible for taking care of the dead. After the Ruination, Yorick was left miraculously untouched by the Black Mist, and now seeks to rid the Shadow Isles of the undead.

YUUMI: A cat with a Yordle master, one day her master went missing, and using their book, Yuumi is searching for her.

ZAC: A blob of chemicals that somehow gained sentience, Zac lives within the pipes of Zaun, occasionally helping those who can’t help themselves.

ZED: A former member of the Kinkou Order, Zed was enraged when his master let Jhin keep living despite all of Jhins horrendous acts. Delving deep into the Kinkou temple, Zed got his hands on some forbidden shadow ninja technique. Killing his master, Zed created his own Order of Shadow, which seeks to drive out the rest of the Noxian invaders.

ZIGGS: Obsessed with his explosions, Ziggs is a yordle who was originally an apprentice to Heimerdinger before leaving him so he could go explode things in Zaun, because Zaun wasn’t already bad enough.

ZILEAN: One of the last few living people of Icathia, Zilean used his time magic to save his people, but instead only trapped them in stasis. He now looks through every time line in the hopes that there is one where his people survive.

ZOE: A little girl whos boundless joy and short attention span caught the attention of the Aspect of Twilight, Zoe was imbued with it’s powers, and now acts as a cosmic messenger of sorts.

ZYRA: Originally the consciousness of a species of carnivorous flowers, during the Rune Wars they were destroyed in a magical cataclysm by a sorceress who also died in the process. Reborn, the flowers took on a single humanoid form, and now do nothing more than spread their growth throughout the land

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