League of Legends Streamer Voyboy Banned on Twitch for Reasons Unknown

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Voyboy

Voyboy was streaming League of Legends when his channel was faced with a sudden ban from Twitch.

Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahan is a famous American streamer and professional League of Legends player. Voyboy played League of Legends professionally for teams like Rock Solid, Dignitas, Team Curse, etc. He had the #1 rank in solo(5v5) in the North America region in season 1.

Voyboy has retired from the professional scene a long time ago and is now a full-time League of Legends streamer on Twitch. Recently he was streaming League of Legends when suddenly his Twitch account was banned.

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Voyboy Banned:

The ban on Voyboy’s channel came out of the blue. Voyboy was streaming League of Legends like any other day when suddenly a Twitter bot named StreamerBans published the news of the ban.

Voyboy’s Response:

After the ban news was published Voyboy came to Twitter and said this,” Uhm. Was just streaming League 5 minutes ago when looks like my @Twitch account got banned…”. It seems even Voyboy does not know why his Twitch account got banned.

Possible Reason for Ban:

Twitch has not published any reason for the ban as per their policy. Although we do not know the exact reason, we can make some guesses. The recent DMCA takedowns could be the most obvious reason for the ban on Voyboy’s account.

Recently, Twitch has been cracking down on streamers playing copyrighted music during their streams. So the DMCA strike can be from one of his recent streams or from videos dating several years. Even if one of his videos had less than 15 seconds of copyrighted music he could be struck and seems like that’s what has happened.

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