League of Legends Skarner Rework: Everything We Know So Far

Riot announced more information about Skarner’s rework, and here’s everything we know so far about the VGU.

Our favorite and only scorpion on the Rift, Skarner, is badly in need of a polish to fit the modern League of Legends. His kit is a bit outdated, and he has more of a one-dimensional playstyle. Seeing a Skarner in a League game is very rare. The most attention Skarner has received as of late is when Seraphine came out, and her lore had something about exploiting Skarner’s people (or Skarner’s Scorpions?).

But fortunately, Skarner won the VGU poll earlier this year and is next in line to get a rework after Udyr. However, there isn’t much information about the rework as of yet. It’s probably because Riot has yet to start work on Skarner’s VGU officially. Riot Reav3 said on April 2022 Champion Roadmap, “We haven’t yet officially started on Skarner’s VGU (it will start very soon).”

But he did share some information about the direction of Skarner’s rework.

Skarner Rework Concept

In the Champion Roadmap, Riot shared some concept arts. These are just some ideas of what Skarner could look like.

Skarner Concepts, Image Via Riot Games

The first two rows attempt to keep Skarner’s theme intact with some visual changes to spice up the character model. They tried different models to get out of the traditional scorpion look of Skarner.

The third row will look to change Skarner’s lore completely and might turn Skarner into an ancient protector of the old Shuriman civilization.

The last row will give Skarner some cool Hextech augments that were attached to him during experimentation in Piltover. But now he is looking for revenge against Piltover with these sweet Hextech Parts.

These are all different ideas at a very early stage that Riot may or may not explore. However, when they start working on Skarner, there will be a lot more details available.

Skarner’s Potential Kit

As of now, there isn’t any indication about any abilities of reworked Skarner. In an earlier blog post, Riot Reav3 said that they would try to keep his kidnapping ultimate (Impale) in some form. But for the most part, they will build Skarner from the ground up.

The basics will also remain the same. Skarner will likely still be a tanky fighter in the jungle. You can check back here as this article will be updated if Riot makes any more announcements regarding Skarner.

Possible Release Date

Reworks take a long time to get released. Also, Udyr’s rework will be the first priority for Riot as it was announced way before. So it is likely that Skarner’s rework will be released in 2023.

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