League of Legends Ping System: Different Types of Pings, Their Uses, and More

Riot introduced the ping system in League of Legends to help players communicate easily without needing to type everything.

League of Legends is currently one of the most popular MOBA games, and it has been like this for a long time. Multiplayer games like League require good communication among players, and information plays a vital role in League of Legends.

Anyone who follows League of Legends’ esports scene can see how much the pro players value information. They play around objective timings, play aggressively when opponents are missing important cooldowns, play passively when their own abilities are on cooldowns, manage vision around the map, punish when the enemy doesn’t have ‘flash,’ etc.

Keeping track of all this can be challenging even when they are playing together on voice comms. It can get even trickier when regular players play solo queue with random players. Even after massive requests from the community, Riot did not implement voice comms in League of Legends, though it is only available for premade lobbies.

However, Riot introduced and developed a ping system where it is now possible to play the game and express pretty much anything you want through the pings. Smart pings and UI pings have helped players immensely.

What Are Pings?

In League of Legends, pings are like alerts that players use to communicate with their teammates. Players can ping different stats or abilities, warn their teammates about possible dangers, ask for help, and much more.

Regular Pings

Riot introduced smart pings in season 3. Before that, there were two regular pings, basic ping and caution ping. You just press G or V, followed by left-clicking where you want to ping with your mouse.

Basic Ping (Tap G and then LMB)

Caution Ping (Tap V and then LMB)

G Ping
Image Source: Riot Games
V Ping
Image Source: Riot Games

Smart Pings

In Season 3, the smart ping system came with this wheel that introduced four new pings. Below you can see how it looks in the game.

Smart Ping
Image Source: Riot Games

To use the smart ping wheel, you need to hold down the ‘G’ and left mouse button. When the wheel opens up, you can go up, down, left, or right with your mouse and release the left mouse button to use your desired ping. So, for example, if you go left and release, it will ping that enemy is missing.

Danger Ping

This ping is used to let your teammates know about dangers that they may not have noticed, as many people don’t see their minimaps often. For example, if you see your midlaner moving to bot lane on the minimap, you can danger ping your bot lane to let them know.

On My Way Ping

“On my way” ping is used to let your team know where you are going. You can ping on my way to another lane, to objectives, or behind enemy lines showing that you will flank from there.

Assist Me Ping

This can be used to ask for help from your teammates. Maybe you need a gank, or you need help pushing the wave. Or you are teleporting behind enemies and asking your teammates to follow or engage.

Enemy Missing Ping

Although many players use this ping to troll their teammates, this ping is meant to be used to let your team know that an enemy has gone missing from their designated lane and may be looking to roam to other lanes.

These four pings can help a lot when communicating with your teammates. For example, suppose you are playing top lane, and your lane opponent goes missing, you ping ‘Enemy Missing,’ and if you think the opponent may be going to mid lane to gank, ping ‘Danger’ to your mid lane, so they hopefully fall back. You may be jungling, and you are going to bot lane to gank, ping ‘On My Way’ before you go so your teammates are ready. After a successful gank, you want to kill the dragon and use the ‘Assist Me’ ping so that your bot lane comes to help. Good teammates like this may be very rare, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?

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Area is Warded Ping

Riot also introduced a new ping called ‘Area is Warded Ping.‘ It lets you tell your teammates where the enemy has warded so they can avoid being seen on the ward or can clear it. By default, this ping is on ‘H’, but you can change all the pings if you go to your hotkey settings and then to communication.

Enemy has Vision Ping
Image Source: Riot Games

UI Pings

The newest ping system is the UI pings. You can now ping various UI elements by Alt-clicking on that element. Players can ping anything from health and mana percentage, ability cooldowns, experience needed for next level, current gold, gold needed to purchase an item, enemy level, enemy ult, summoner spells, objective timers, etc.

Suppose you are playing Ashe, and you are almost level 6. Your jungler is coming in for a gank; you can alt-click the bar over your level in the UI to show how far you are off from level 6. This lets your jungler know that you will have an excellent cc to aid their gank if they wait for a couple of seconds.

UI Ping

You can also ping on how much health you have and how much mana by alt clicking on your health and mana. It will show as percentage left HP and Mana. You can ping how much gold you need for the next item. For instance, you can ping to let you have enough gold for that Infinity Edge before a Baron fight. You can ping so your team knows you are going back to base to get that item.

UI Ping

Maybe the opponent is playing with an unusual rune or building an item that can be taken advantage of. Ping that to your teammates to let them know.

After the enemy uses flash, you can also ping their flash to let your teammates know they are in for an easy gank.

When pinging something on the scoreboard, you don’t need to press the Alt key; just click on what you want to ping, like vision score, enemy level, items, bounty, etc.

Below is the list of UI pings that you can use.

Selected ElementInformation
Health Bar (Self)% amount of health
Mana Bar (Self)% amount of mana
Experience Bar (Self)% amount of level experience
Champion LevelLevel
StatisticStatistic Amount (Champion Attack Damage, Ability Power, Armor, etc.)
Player PortraitAlive or Respawn Timer
Monster IconAlive or Respawn time
Ability Icon,
Spell Icon
or Ultimate Indicator
Ally: Cooldown remaining/Activation details/Ability in range
Enemy: Ultimate/Spell
Item icon
or Trinket icon
Self: Cooldown, Charge
In-Store: Gold needed to buy that item
GoldGold Amount
BountyBounty Amount
PingPing (Latency)
Vision ScoreVision Score

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