League of Legends’ New Champion’s Concept Art and Voice Line leaked

A new League of Legends’ champion possibly named Aidyn’s concept art and voice line has been leaked in the League of Legends subreddit.

There have been many speculations on League of Legends community about the new champion. That became even stronger when an anonymous user leaked some voice lines and concept arts on League of Legends subreddit.

Many people think the new champion is going to be Yasuo’s brother Yone, as, recently Riot has released a video showing a masked champion who refuses to die. But this voice accents clearly points out that the champion is from Freljordian. So, this champion can not be Yone and Yone’s rumor might be completely wrong or to be announced later on.

New Champion’s Concept Art

The anonymous leaker has also leaked the new champion’s concept arts. The concept arts show off his weapon design and his helmet. From his weapon, it can be strongly guessed that he mounts some other characters like Sejuani.

The leaker suggests that the name of the new champion is Aidyn. When Aidyn is going to release is still unclear. And even if the rumors about Aidyn is true, he is going to be released after the Volibear rework goes live.

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