League of Legends’ improved punishment system for intentionally feeding, AFKing, win trading is on the way

Riot is finally planning to improve their punishment system for intentionally feeding, AFKing, win trading, and griefing.

Players who play League of Legends on daily basis it is very common for them to find someone who is intentionally feeding and running it down or someone who doesn’t want to play and go AFK the whole game. In the high Elo it is a very common thing to see a win trader who simply deals with one or multiple enemy member and intentionally lose the game.

Despite these disruptive behaviors, punishment is very neglectable. The only way to complain about them is by reporting them after the game and hope Riot to do something or open up a ticket and complain about them directly. And players have been complaining about this punishment system for years.

Finally, Riot has acknowledged players’ complaints and decided to improve their punishment system. In the latest dev blog, Cody “Riot Codebear” Germain said “We’re attempting to develop better ways of dealing with disruptive behavior. Examples include better detection and punishment for behaviors like intentionally feeding, AFKing, win trading, and griefing, in addition to giving more frequent feedback when we’ve taken action on unsportsmanlike behavior you reported.”

From their statement, it is clear that they are now taking the report system after games seriously. And now they are more likely to provide feedback frequently to the players after they have reported someone with unsportsmanlike behavior.

Riot did not mention anything on what the improved punishment system is and it is still under development. More details on the detection and punishment system will come later this year.


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