League of Legends Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions to Play in Patch 12.7

Wondering what the best bot lane champions to play in patch 12.7 are? We have got you covered with the bot lane tier list.

In League of Legends, playing bot lane is an adventure. You never know what might happen. The enemy can 4 man tower dive you in 5 minutes, your support can run it down, and you may not be able to farm if the enemy support is good. So your best bet is to pick a strong champion and hope you can be relevant enough to carry your team.

The rise of enchanter supports has been pretty good for the bot lane ADC champions. It is easy to take over a game with these carry champions if you have someone to shield and heal you. But with the hyper carries in the meta, their strong lane counters, such as Lucian and Draven, are also on the rise. Let’s see which are the best bot lane champions in patch 12.7

LoL Bot Lane Tier List

TierChampion Name
S-Tier (God-Tier)Vayne, Lucian, Samira,
A-Tier (Best)Jhin, Draven, Veigar, Twitch, Jinx, Xayah
B-Tier (Good)Yasuo, Karthus, Tristana, Seraphine, Ziggs, Kog’maw, Sivir, Ashe
C-Tier (Average)Miss Fortune, Kalista, Varus
D-Tier (Not Recommended)
F-Tier (Bad)Zeri, Kaisa, Caitlyn, Ezreal, Aphelios

Best Bot Lane Champion in Patch 12.7



Firecracker Vayne, Image Via Riot Games

Lethal Tempo is pretty strong right now, and with that, Vayne has become one of the best ADC in patch 12.6. Vayne is a little weak in the early game. But if you manage to go even in the lane, you can take over the game. And the enchanter support meta is a blessing for a hyper carry like Vayne. She can even build tank items like Randuin’s Omen and still deal a lot of damage.

  • Keystone: Lethal Tempo
  • Core Build: Immortal Shieldbow > Guinsoo’s Rageblade


Psyops Samira, Image Via Riot Games

Samira has gotten a series of buffs in recent patches, resulting in her once again being one of the best bot lane champions. Playing Samira is all about building up stacks and then going in with ultimate. You can pretty much play like an Assassin with her. She doesn’t have the highest win rate, but if you can master her, she is one of the best carries in this patch.

  • Keystone: Conqueror
  • Core Build: Immortal Shieldbow > The Collector


High Noon Lucian, Image Via Riot Games

All the hyper carries like Vayne, Jinx, Twitch, Jhin, etc., are quite weak in the early game, and Lucian can easily win against them. That is why he is in S-tier for us.

Punish your opponent whenever you can and build yourself a good lead to close out the game quickly. Because even though Lucian is strong early, he will fall off after mid-game, and the hyper carries will take over.

  • Keystone: Press the Attack
  • Core Build: Galeforce/Kraken Slayer > Essence Reaver



Star Guardian Jinx, Image Via Riot Games

Another late-game hyper carry who can abuse Lethal Tempo is Jinx. While Vayne has good mobility and self-peel, Jinx has insane range and damage once she gets Infinity Edge. Even in a professional setting, you will likely see a Jinx in almost every game right now. She also benefits from the enchanter support meta.

  • Keystone: Lethal Tempo
  • Core Build: Galeforce/Kraken Slayer > Rapid Firecannon/ Runaan’s Hurricane


Dark Cosmic Jhin, Image Via Riot Games

Tanks are not that strong in season 12, and Jhin shines when there are no tanks on the enemy team. He has an almost 51% win rate in patch 12.7. With Jhin, you must take Fleet Footwork as it synergizes really well with his kit. In the late game, you can pretty much one-shot squishy champions with your 4th shot plus collector.

  • Keystone: Fleet Footwork
  • Core Build: Galeforce > The Collector


Ice King Twitch, Image Via Riot Games

Enchanter supports and Lethal Tempo are pushing all the AA-based hyper carries to the top. Twitch is a fun champion to play. Your job in a team fight is to wait for the perfect opportunity to unleash your ultimate. A Twitch with 2-3 items can take out the entire enemy team in 4-5 seconds. And if you have a Lulu or Janna with you, it’s even better.

  • Keystone: Lethal Tempo
  • Core Build: Kraken Slayer > Blade of the Ruined King > Runaan’s Hurricane


Brave Phoenix Xayah, Image Via Riot Games

Xayah has shot up from tier B straight to S-tier, mainly because of her lethality build being so popular. Even after her E being buffed in patch 12.4 based on how much critical strike chance you have, lethality Xayah is still the way to go. She deals with a ton of damage and can slow enemies by building Serylda’s Grudge.

  • Keystone: Summon Aery
  • Core Build: Eclipse > Manamune


Final Boss Veigar, Image Via Riot Games

Veigar doesn’t have a high pick rate, but his win rate is insane at almost 54%. But he is played less, so this win rate is not that assuring. Keeping 1 or 2 AP bot lane pick in your wheelhouse is important because in solo queue, your mid, top, and jungle will sometime pick all AD champions, and your opponent will pick Malphite and Rammus and stack Armor. That’s GG right there. So try out Veigar in one of those games. He is really a strong pick right now.

  • Keystone: Electrocude
  • Core Build: Everfrost > Rabadon’s Deathcap


Ruined Draven, Image Via Riot Games

Draven is hard to play, but he is a nightmare for champions like Jinx, Vayne, and Twitch, who are pretty strong right now. So if you want to ruin their plan of playing hyper carries and scaling till the late game, pick Draven and destroy them in the laning phase. Draven’s ability to take over the game and snowball is unmatched.

  • Keystone: Conqueror
  • Core Build: Essence Reaver > Eclipse


  • Ashe
  • Yasuo
  • Karthus
  • Tristana
  • Seraphine
  • Ziggs
  • Kog’Maw
  • Sivir

Champions in this tier are still pretty strong, and some of them have a high win rate. All of these champions have more than a 50% win rate. But compared to the champions in S and A tiers, these can be a little weak. Winning a matchup most often comes to the players’ skills rather than champions, so you can still easily beat higher-tier champions if you play better.


  • Miss Fortune
  • Kalista
  • Varus

Miss Fortune and Kalista are pretty average champions for this meta. Miss Fortune doesn’t benefit much from enchanter supports and Lethal Tempo. Kalista can be played with Lethal Tempo, but her low range lets her down.

Varus is awful right now. His lethality build isn’t strong against enchanters at all. Whatever poke he can manage to do, the enemy can heal right back up.


No champions are in this tier this patch, check back on the next patch.


  • Zeri
  • Kai’sa
  • Caitlyn
  • Ezreal
  • Aphelios

Zeri got a nerf in 12.6, but still, she has a 49% win rate. Kai’sa, Caitlyn, and Ezreal are weak compared to other Bot lane champions. And Aphelios got a slight nerf in this patch, but his 45% win rate is mainly because of how hard he is to play. Many players don’t know what they are doing with Aphelios.

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