LCK’s star jungler Tarzan finds a new team in the LPL

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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One of Korea’s most talented jungler, Tarzan has announced that he will be playing in the LPL starting from 2021.

Lee “Tarzan” Seung-Yong was undeniably the best jungler of the LCK in 2019. He started his career in the challenger team Griffin. The team eventually won the promotion match and earned themselves a spot in the LCK. Griffin proved to be a formidable team as they placed 1st in both summer and spring split in 2019.

Fall of Griffin and Tarzan’s new home

Griffin went through a huge scandal that involved a Korean senator looking into the case of the unfairly signed contracts. This caused a reassessment of the contracts of each and every player in the organization. Many talents left Griffin such as ‘Chovy’, ‘Doran’, and ‘Lehends’. This weakened the team to the point where Griffin went 5-13. The team eventually lost the promotion match against Sandbox Gaming and got relegated to Challenger Korea.

It is understandable for a player of his caliber for wanting to transfer to another team. His potential as a jungler was being undervalued by the LCK. However, all of the top LCK teams already have promising junglers so it does not make sense to pick up Tarzan regardless of how good he might be.

It seems LPL has always been keen on taking away talents from LCK. Last year another star jungler Peanut was also transferred to the LPL. Peanut and Kramer, the two Korean imports found huge success as they took LGD into the 2020 Worlds championship. This is a worrying trend for the LCK as more and more players are being poached away to China.

According to sources from Weibo, some say he is being transferred to LGD. Although LGD is a middle of the pack team, we can speculate that he will eventually transfer to the top 8 teams in the LPL.

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