LCK Tier List and Must Watch Series This Week

With the LCK Spring Split 2021 starting tomorrow, we present our tier list of the LCK and matches to watch this week.

Another year of LCK begins and its fresh from franchising and rebranding. With the new LCK unveiled, we dive into which teams are at the top at the LCK in our tier list. So lets jump straight into it.

Tier List

Like our LPL tier list, the tiers will be from S to D. We will explain why we think the team belongs to this tier and what to expect from them.

Tier S

Tier S is just going to be an island of one team and we all know who that is.


DWG KIA (Rebranded from DAMWON Gaming) is the undisputed best team in the LCK coming off a Worlds Championship. Some people may not see it that way with the departure of coaches Zefa and Daeny to T1 and Nuguri to FPX. However, there is no deny how talented this team is witch Canyon and ShowMaker leading the charge.

They should still be very dominant in the LCK and there are very few arguments to them not being top of the LCK. Even with the loss of Nuguri, Khan is good enough to be on this championship caliber team. Also, having kkOma as the coach puts more pedigree into the team.

Tier A

Tier A teams are really talented but there is a big question regarding them that stops them from being at S tier. Here they are.


Just as talented as DWG but T1 makes the Tier A list. The only reasoning behind that for us was how their jungler performs. Having 3 junglers in the roster indicate they are going to rotate junglers to find the best fit. Also, they have multiple players on each role barring support. Furthermore, they also released an announcement that says they want to use the 10 man roster properly. Thus, expect a lot of player rotation for the games.

T1 should be one of the top teams in the totem pole that is the LCK. Their offseason acquisitions were impressive in Keria and coaches Daeny and Zefa. They are talented enough to compete against DWG but it all hinges on how the team performs, particularly the jungler.


There is a lot to like about Gen.G with Ruler, the best AD Carry in the world in our opinion, and a very good support in Life. However, consistency is a big problem with the team. Back to Worlds 2020, Clid, BDD, and Rascal did not play particularly well, especially against G2. Success for this team will come if they play around Ruler properly. If they can do that, Gen.G should be a scary team in the LCK.

Tier B

Tier B teams have really high potential but there is doubt as to how the teams will perform.

Hanwha Life Esports

Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) went out and completely revamped their roster. They bring in Chovy and Deft, one of the best players in their respective roles. Also, they bring in Morgan from the LPL and sign Arthur (Mir) and yoHan (Winter). There is a lot of moving parts with this team but they bring a lot of talent into one team.

The biggest question with this team will be how long do they need to play at full potential. There is no questions about the amount of talent but with so many moving parts, it will take time for them to gel. However, with the new LCK Worlds Qualifications format, it works in favor of HLE with how Summer Split is weighted more than Spring Split. HLE should still be one of the top five teams in the LCK but if they fire on all cylinders, this is a team to be reckoned with.

Nongshim RedForce

Nongshim RedForce (rebranded from Team Dynamic) went out and revamped their roster, much like HLE. They signed Peanut from LGD to come back to the LCK and get more players like Wayne, Kellin, and Bay into the roster. This team performed really well in KeSPA Cup 2020 getting 2nd place in the tournament. Though, its a question as to how they fare against better competition with teams fielding their main rosters. This team does have potential and will be a playoff team in the LCK.

Afreeca Freecs

This team showed promise last year with Kiin, Dread, Fly, and Mystic. However, Mystic left and Ben retired. Hence, they brought in Bang and Lehends to the bot lane. That poses a great bot lane duo which can bring success to the team. There is a lot of progression to be made with this team but there is a good amount of talent on this team to make the playoffs. They will be an interesting team to watch and will give us some competitive matches as well.

Tier C

These teams are not as talented as the teams in the upper tiers but can make some noise if they perform well


Liiv SANDBOX is a young team with a lot of years ahead of them. However, it is a team that is evaluating their players and trying to make their way into the playoffs. The suspension on OnFleek will sting as he is suspended for three games. It is a good opportunity for the team to see how Croco performs. Its a bit of soul searching for the team while improving to get into the playoffs. It would be a mistake to write the team off and they should be competitive in games against any team.

KT Rolster

KT Rolster will be one of those teams that will definitely be using a full 10 man roster. Barring Doran in the top lane, each of their other roles have multiple players. They signed a bevy of players and it looks like a evaluation season for them. There is no question that this team has a good deal of talent, with Ucal, Blank and Doran in the roster.

However, with so many players on the roster, it can be easily assumed that they will be rotating their players. Whether the rotation works for them or not is a question mark. Doran should be the only consistent player for them that plays in their games. There is a lot of be seen from this team but given their KeSPA Cup performance, they could make some noise in the LCK.

Tier D

They are the least expected teams to do much in the LCK regarding playoffs and Worlds.

Fredit Brion

The newest team in the LCK trying to get some excitement regarding their team into the new LCK. However, this team is very new, and much is not expected from the team. There is not much we know about the team given they have to pull out of the KeSPA Cup due to Covid-19. Maybe, they will be a good team but it is a see-it-to-believe-it situation.


How DRX has fallen from grace in the LCK. They lose all their players except Pyosik after the implosion at Worlds. Internally, they had a lot of things ongoing and their head coach cvMax is also suspended. SSong is now their interim head coach until the cvMax issue is resolved. However, they still brought in some young players to fill up the team. This is a rebuilding and developing year for them. Hence, there should not be any expectations for the team.

Power Rankings and Must Watch Matches

This is our season starting power rankings for the LCK team based on how we divided them into tiers.

  1. DWG KIA
  2. T1
  3. Gen.G
  4. Hanwha Life Esports
  5. Nongshim RedForce
  6. Afreeca Freecs
  7. KT Rolster
  8. Liiv SANDBOX
  9. DRX
  10. Fredit Brio

To reiterate, DWG is clearly the team to beat in the LCK. Also, teams like T1, Gen.G, HLE, and NS will be competition for that top spot. Here are our must-watch matches for the week

  • T1 vs HLE: Two teams that want to start of running face off as the 2nd match of tomorrow’s (Wednesday) slate of games. Expect a competitive match with a lot of action.
  • T1 vs DWG KIA: This match will be on Friday where two of the best teams in the LCK face off.
  • Nongshim RedForce vs DWG KIA: Sunday’s first game will be a great game.

LCK promises to be a great year and it starts tomorrow from 11 AM GMT+9.

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