LCK Spring Split 2022 Tier List

In this article, we will talk about our tier list going to the LCK Spring Split 2022.

LCK is set to start tomorrow, and we get to watch an improved league starting from tomorrow. A lot of the teams have upgraded and this split promises to be more competitive than last year. It is going to be a very interesting split to watch. Thus, we created a tier list for the start of the LCK Spring Split.

Tier List

One thing about the LCK this year is that it’s top half-heavy. Teams at the top of the league have upgraded their rosters barring T1 and this is a promising move for the league this year. We will see more competition in the league whereas, in the past, it turned into a one or two-team show for the most part. Regardless, let’s talk about our tier list for the start of the new split.

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As the image depicts above, that is our tier list for the LCK Spring Split 2022. We have divided the teams into 4 different tiers to differentiate between the teams. Thus, let’s start talking about it.

Potential Winners

As the name suggests, these are our potential winners for the LCK Spring Split 2022. DK are Worlds 2021 Finalists, and they have upgraded in the bottom lane with the addition of deokdam and Kellin. However, they did lose Beryl who was their vocal leader and shotcaller so that will be an issue they have to iron out. Also, Burdol is young and has a lot of potential, but he has not shown much in terms of being a solid player just yet. The team has to now center around ShowMaker even more than ever and that will be one of the things to watch this split.

Gen.G made a wholesale of changes by just keeping Ruler and changing everyone else. In our eyes, they are at least upgrades all across the board. Doran is a very good top laner and is very versatile in his own right. Peanut is not the Peanut of old, but he brings a strong leadership attribute he showed in Nongshim RedForce last year to a team that needs change.

In that regard, it is a solid upgrade. Chovy is undoubtedly one of the best mid laners in the LCK and Lehends is an aggressive support player which could be what Gen.G needs. This new Gen.G squad brings in new life to a team that needs it. For too long they were stuck in their ways of playing the game. Now, with a new squad and coaching team, this could be the start of a new Gen.G. The question with Gen.G is whether this works and what a wonderful sight it would be if it does.

Lastly, T1 is vastly unchanged barring Zeus in the top lane. Not much is known about him as the sample size is too small to judge him as a player. Oner and Gumayusi showed great promise last year and Faker is still a great mid laner. Also, Keria is the best support in the LCK. The only real question with T1 is whether they can take the next step as their counterparts have improved their rosters for this year.

Playoff Bound

These are the two teams in our opinion that will be making the playoffs. As mentioned earlier, LCK is very top half heavy so these two teams not making the playoffs is very unlikely.

Starting with DRX, they are also a team that made a lot of changes once again. Only Pyosik and Kingen return to the team. Pyosik did not have the greatest of time last year, and he will need to bounce back. Kingen was a solid top laner last year with promise going forward. With the addition of Zeka, Deft, and Beryl, this can be a very strong team. With these teams, it’s about whether they can gel together and all that. This team will face some growing pains, but they should be in the playoffs at the end of the split.

KwangDong Freecs (Previous Afreeca Freecs) also upgraded many of their positions. They brought in Fate as their mid laner and Ellim as their jungler. Also, they signed Teddy as well. There are upgrades compared to last year’s roster. Fate is a very good mid laner and just below the tier of ShowMaker, Chovy, Faker, and the likes. Teddy was solid last year, but he did not find a place in T1 and definitely has a chip on his shoulder for this season. Kiin is the best top laner in the LCK right now and there are no real debates about it with the loss of Khan and replacing Dread with Ellim might be a good step forward. It will be up to them to play together and prove they can be a top team in the LCK.

Playoff Contenders

For the last playoff spot, there are 2 teams that are going to fight for the spot. They are Nongshim RedForce and KT Rolster. NS has a completely new roster now as they let go of all their players.

NS signed Canna, Dread, BDD, Ghost, and Effort as their new roster. It’s a reclamation project for Canna, Dread, and Ghost in many respects. Dread and Canna have both been on and off last year on their respective teams. Ghost has been underwhelming a lot of the times, but he did play well enough in the last part of the season including Worlds. BDD was excellent at the later stretch for Gen.G. Thus, there is a way this team makes the playoffs, but for that to happen, the stars have to align, and they have to find a good form to make it happen.

On the other hand, KT Rolster is an interesting roster. Similar to NS, they are also bringing a lot of players who have potentials or need to rebound from last year. Rascal, Cuzz, Aiming, and Life fits the rebounding mold as they all need to step up compared to last year. While Aiming was in a team in the LPL that made the playoffs, he was not particularly impressive. However, KT did sign Aria who is a great mid laner going to make his debut to the LCK. Like NS, they have to figure a style they can play and the players have to bounce back to be a solid team going forward.

Bottom of the League

These teams are what we are projecting to be out of the playoff race and will be around the bottom of the league. Fredit Brion is coming back with their roster, and they will be around the same level as last year unless they massively improve.

Liiv SANDBOX is kind of in a rebuild with them changing 4 out of 5 positions. Also, Dove has role swapped to top lane, and it will take some time to get adjusted to that. With a combination of rookies and new players, it will be tough for them to compete for a playoff spot.

Lastly, Hanwha Life Esports is also hitting the reset button. They did get two promising players in Karis and Willer, so it will be some time for them to adjust and improve together. The bot lane is a curious pairing as Vsta has been very good last year, and they pair him with SamD who is pretty good from the LPL. The question with them is top lane. Thus, it will be hard for them to make playoffs as two rookies/very new players are at the forefront of the team.

Games To Watch This Week

There are a few games to watch this week with a stacked Week 1 of the LCK. Here are the best ones in our opinion.

  • T1 vs KDF (Wednesday): Teddy and Ellim faces off their old team
  • Gen.G vs DRX (Friday): Two renovated rosters playing each other
  • DK vs Gen.G (Sunday): Match of the Week with two projected LCK Spring Split Winners.

These are the games you should watch if you are a fan of League of Legends. Thus, with that said, the LCK is set to start off with a bang as it kicks off tomorrow with DRX vs LSB.

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