LCK is returning on March 25

LCK is returning on March 25 after going on a hiatus because of the Coronavirus. And all the matches are going to be played online.

Covid-19 affected a lot of Esports scene and LCK was no different. Just after playing round 1, LCK went into hiatus.

League of Legends tournaments LCS, LEC, and LPL were also being canceled because of the Coronavirus. But, recently LCS, LEC, and LPL have announced that they are all resuming the tournament and matches will be played online. With all other tournament resuming online LCK has now decided to return as well from March 25.

lck schedule

Like other tournaments, LCK will also be played online and teams will be playing from their gaming house. Matches will resume from where it stopped. But this time there will be matches for 5 days a week and each day there will be up to 3 matches.

When there are 3 matches a day matches will start at 3 PM KST, two hours before the usual schedule. And when there are 2 matches a day it will start at 5 PM KST. But, this time there will be no break if the previous match ends early.

LCK will be returning with Gen.G vs Griffin on 25 March and the regular split will end on April 16. The schedules for playoffs and finals will be announced later on.

It is great news for every League of Legends fans that all of their favorite League tournaments are coming back. And they can enjoy their favorite team back in action in this troublesome time around the globe.

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