LCK host Mina tests negative for Coronavirus

Yesterday, LCK host Mina was taken away from the broadcast due to the Coronavirus concerns and today Mina tests negative for Coronavirus.

There were many speculations around Mina’s fever issue as she was taken away from broadcast for further tests and everyone thought she had Coronavirus. All the players, coaches, and other staff members who were in contact with Mina were self-quarantined. And after today’s test result self-quarantined is ended.

LCK host Mina also announced on her Instagram and this image shows her saying that “It was just a fever”. It is great news for the LCK fans as Mina takes interview of a lot of Pro players and it could have been devastating for LCK if she turned out to be positive.

South Korea’s Coronavirus Outbreak got so quickly out of control as of today there are 833 people tested positive. Many big companies and events are temporarily closed as well in Korea.

Despite Coronavirus, LCK pro players are continuing playing. Although LCK English caster Max “Atlus” Anderson said yesterday “For now, we’re just going to be as careful as possible, and that means all of us as well like, after this, we’re going to take ourselves home and make sure that we do not go out into the world and it’s going to be masks on.”

Fans are still concerned about whether LCK should continue or not.


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