Lazarbeam and AlexAce along with their fans managed to pull a 1-hour long Solo Match

More than 1-hour long match in Fortnite

Lazarbeam and AlexAce somehow managed to pull the longest recorded solo match in Fortnite. All this happened with the help of their fans as they contributed to achieving this record.

Lazarbeam is Australian Youtuber who has a huge following on Youtube. Along with AlexAce another content creator they decided that they are gonna have the longest match in BR Fortnite’s history. With the help of their followers, they somehow managed to pull out a game with over one-hour runtime.

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This record is certainly a feat on the part of creators that went above and beyond to achieve this record. This is probably the longest game in any game in the battle royale genre. The whole video was a treat to watch as both of them and their communities were really putting their backs behind this record.

Fans were really happy with their result. Most of them were just dumbfounded by how much effort and weird tactics Lazarbeam and AlexAcecame up with to make this happen.

Even Lazarbeam on Reddit jokingly said that he had no idea what he was doing the whole time. During the event, he even unplugged his mouse to try and stop it from dying. He said that” Implying I have any idea what I’m doing lmao “.

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After all, it is done and dusted Lazarbeam and AlexAce made history on Fortnite. This record will be almost close to impossible to break. Seeing how effort went into this record.


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