Latest Fortnite Leaks: Star Wars X-Wing Leaked, Endgame and Stormking LTM Possibly Returning

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Vastblast/ Epic Games

A new set of Fortnite Leaks have apparently confirmed a Star Wars X-Wing glider coming to Fortnite. We also got leaks about the Endgame LTM and Storm King LTM possibly returning this season.

Leakers have once again found new leaks in the game files after the 14.10 update that went live a few days ago. As soon as the 14.10 update went live we got leaks about the Boundless skin sets. Now we have some more leaks about the upcoming X-Wing glider and some previous LTM’s making a comeback.

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Star Wars X-Wing Got Decrypted

A Star Wars X-Wing glider has been found in the files. Some new strings regarding the X-Wing were also added. They are-

-“Main Thruster”


-“Stay fearless to the finish.”

-“Thruster Air Glow”

-“Vanguard Squadron X-wing”

There is high possibility that this glider comes out in the next item-shop update.

Endgame and Storm King LTM Returning?

The files for the Endgame LTM got updated in patch 14.00. The files for Storm King LTM got updated in patch 14.10. This means these two LTM’s could be coming back pretty soon. In Fortnite STW we got Fortnitemares quest-line active right now. So this means the Storm King LTM could be coming back to Battle Royale as part of Fortnitemares.

This Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is based around Marvel Characters. So it also makes sense for the Endgame LTM to also make a return. Players have been asking for this LTM to return since the beginning of season 4.

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