Latest Fortnite Leak Reveals Hybrid Junk Minigun Weapon

Latest Fortnite leak reveals Crazy Hybrid Junk Minigun Weapon and all it’s stats.

Since the beginning, Fortnite did not veer away from adding different quirky and weird weapons into its loot pool. Fortnite STW is a prime example because it has a wide variety of weapons and items that some other games might consider silly or wacky. Battle Royale is not so different in this aspect either. The addition of Boogie Bombs, launch Pads, Grappler, Fishing Hook, etc is some of the few examples.

And how can we forget all the weird and quirky Mythic weapons that Fortnite has been adding since chapter 2 season 4? The mythic weapons were some of the weirdest weapons ever added in Fortnite. This season the Mythic superpowers are some of the weapons and items that other games cannot even imagine adding to their loot pool.

Looks like we are getting another weird weapon in out hands soon thanks to some leaked info.

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Fortnite Tin Stack Minigun

The leaks have revealed a new weapon that is coming to Fortnite. It is a minigun that is going to shoot out junk. It is apparently going to be an uncommon rarity. There are only two rounds in the magazine and the reload time is also close to 3 seconds.

Some of the stats are revealed about the weapon and they are-

  • Spread= 0.0
  • Spread Downsights= 1.0
  • Perfect Aim Cooldown= 0.0
  • Firing rate= 0.65
  • Vertical Recoil= 10.45
  • Horizontal Recoil= 2.5
  • Damage= 65
  • Environmental Damage= 131
  • Reload Time= 2.99725
  • Clip Size= 2

According to Mang0eLeaks on Twitter,

“A new Heavy Weapon is in the works. It may be a cross between a Grenade Launcher and a Minigun. A prototype mesh is included, which appears to be a minigun without its barrel. Really interesting weapon in the works, stay tuned. Gun stats + Mesh in pics below.”

Although the mesh and weapons stats were found in-game the gun might just be for testing purposes and Epic might not have any plans to release the gun.

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