Konami Files New Trademarks for Castlevania and Metal Gear Rising

Could new entries be in the making?

Konami registered the trademarks in Japan on April 6th, making it public today. The trademarks were registered under Akumajou Dracula (the Japanese name for Castlevania) and Metal Gear Rising.

This debunks the rumors of Sony potentially buying off the rights to the franchises from Konami which had surfaced last year. However, it seems like there was some truth to the rumors of new Castlevania and Metal Gear games being in the works after all.

There have already been rumors of Metal Gear Solid getting a remaster collection for next-gen consoles. But the latest trademark for Metal Gear Rising means Konami is set on bringing its past hits back to life.

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Moreover, a Metal Gear Solid film has also been in the works for some time now. However, with that being said, Konami has been able to keep Castlevania relevant thanks to its Netflix Animated Series.

Furthermore, additional rumors had been going around in March about Konami looking to outsource the development for Castlevania and Metal Gear games. However, it is speculated that the release of the games is still years away.

While we don’t know if Konami has started working on the projects based on there being no job listings or official announcements as of yet. However, the publicizing of the trademarks has definitely added more credibility to all the rumors going on, despite their vagueness and varying details.

However, unlike Metal Gear, there have actually not been many rumors floating around about Castlevania games. This could mean that any development plans or release of the game may still be farther away from Metal Gear Rising.

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