Kings Canyon Gets a Facelift and Massive Changes in Apex Legends Season 8

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Kings Canyon is getting an overall facelift and massive changes with new additional footprints in the upcoming Apex Legends Season 8.

EA, publisher of Apex Legends, recently released a blog post showing the total rework of Kings Canyon as well as all the additional landmarks. Previously, Kings Canyon featured slums and military outposts, with a river dividing the map down the middle.

Kings Canyon has seen a lot of changes to its environment, but the overall feel of the map has remained somewhat similar. But all that is about to change as it’s getting renovated in the upcoming season. These significant changes are coming after the big ship crash in the northern part of the map.

Respawn’s goals with Kings Canyon

Developers wanted Kings Canyon to be a map that told a story extending over several seasons. Respawn had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve with the map changes in Season 8.

  • There are more attractive drop points in the Northwestern part of the map.
  • Improved rotations of our northern locations to Runoff, Artillery, Containment, and the Pit.
  • The easing of 3rd partying by:
    • Adding an entirely new section of the map that never existed before, thus giving more options for the initial drop
    • Thinning out densely-packed smaller POIs to give more breathing room and reduce combat choke points
  • A new map mechanic that can create on-the-fly high ground to gain a power position
  • New armories are scattered across the map to help you gear up quickly, requiring a bit of forethought when looting

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Kings Canyon Changes

The big ship crashing into the map has opened up new gameplay possibilities and destroyed a lot of structures. Below are the massive changes to Kings Canyon that we will see in Apex Legends Season 8.

Crash Site

The massive ship took out an entire mountain cliff with it. The fuel leak from the ship has contaminated the water supply, and a new ECHO (Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach) has moved in to clean up.

King's Canyon Changes

Artillery was caught in the explosion, and falling debris has altered some of the structures and tunnels, opening up new pathways.

King's Canyon Changes
King's Canyon Changes

These changes will add back to the real state that was previously lost with the removal of Skull Town.

Spotted Lakes

Slum Lakes has been flooded and totally wiped out from Kings Canyon. Its new name is Spotted Lakes, and there are multiple ECHO outposts and a dam in the middle separating both sides.

King's Canyon Changes

The insides of the ECHO outposts can be seen below-

King's Canyon Changes

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Uncovered Bones

A new pathway has been revealed and Leviathan bones of massive scales were unearthed after the ship crash. The new pathway will now provide easy access to the other POIs, such as Runoff and Airbase from Spotted Lakes.

King's Canyon Changes

Observation Towers

Four observation towers can be found in the ECHO outpost that provides advantageous high ground for making strategic plays.

King's Canyon Changes

Explosive Holds

Some new mobile armories can be found across the map that got scattered from the cargo bay of the large ship. Although these armories can be opened up with security clearance, a well-placed explosive can do the job as well.

King's Canyon Changes

Farm removed

According to community feedback, the Farm has been totally removed from the map. The bunkers are also gone making it not worth landing anymore.

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