Kingdom Come: Deliverance coming to Nintendo Switch

The realistic medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Koch Media has announced that their RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is releasing soon on the Nintendo Switch. Although a Switch port of the game has been under speculation for a long time. In fact images of Kingdom Come: Deliverance showed up on the Nintendo eShop, a few months ago.

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For all these time developers Warhorse Studios turned down speculations of a Kingdom Come: Deliverance Switch port. But in a recent press release, Koch Media has confirmed that indeed the true-to-life RPG title is heading to Nintendo’s hybrid console. Furthermore, the port is being developed with the help of Saber Interactive. The devs are responsible for The Witcher III on the Switch. Which turned out to be surprisingly well for a handheld console. Hence, we can also expect Kingdom Come: Deliverance to run and look well in the underpowered console. No release dates are given yet.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an amazing RPG where you literally start from the bottom, i.e as a peasant, and struggle your way to the top. The beautiful and vast medieval world inspired by real-life historical events and locations, changes with time with the players. Although the game’s breathtaking and life-like graphics, details are something to behold. Most casual gamers are not big fans of this game. Mostly due to the game’s hyper-realistic mechanics and gameplay. Which in fact makes the game more like a medieval simulation.

Nevertheless, Kingdom Come: Deliverance provides a unique experience with a captivating story full of adventure, danger, and politics of the medieval era. Kingdom Come: Deliverance porting to the Switch is something to be seen. As the game requires a lot of power to run even on PCs and consoles.

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