Key changes and bug fixes made in Operation Steel Wave Test Server

The test server for Operation Steel Wave started on May 19th and since then the devs have been updating the TS regularly in an effort to fix various in-game bugs for a smooth launch in the live servers.

We have highlighted some of the important balancing changes and bug fixes made so far in the test server.

Melusi – Replace deployable shield with C4. 

Earlier on while re-evaluating a number of current game-meta and gameplay factors, we had made the decision to swap out Melusi’s deployable shields for C4 to prevent putting extra pressure on attackers and specific attacker utility.

ACS12 – Increased the damage from 41 to 59. Increase RPM to 300 RPM. Increased ADS Speed.

Slight buff to the ACS12’s damage to make it a bit more viable than it is currently. ADS speed should also now match other weapons of the same category. Following on Monday’s change to the ACS12, we’re looking to make the ACS12 a bit better. With this change alongside the change to slugs, the 300 RPM should not have issues with destruction.

VFX related to gadgets effects are missing or corrupt

A new bug in the TS was causing the visual effects to not work properly, which resulted in some hilarious clips. Thankfully, it has now been fixed and working properly in the latest version of the test server.

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  • FIXED – Operators can take damage or even die when standing next to a detonating cluster charge even if they are not in the cluster charge AOE.

So now the pellets won’t follow the new shrapnel mechanic, which allowed Fuze to kill himself when standing near the deployed cluster charges.

AK12 and M4 reload animation fixed

Maverick’s M4 and Fuze’s AK12 had a reload animation bug, where the visual animation and audio were out of sync. This bug was present in the since the launch of the operators and was a cause of frustration for many players. But finally, the devs fixed this issue, so you won’t have to die anymore because you didn’t reload completely.


Adjustment to metal detector SFX and activation on Bank, Kanal, Border.

  • Now plays a short 3-sec alarm before stopping.
  • Only one alarm can be played at a time.
  • No cooldown on the alarm trigger.

This is meant to fix an issue where alarm cooldowns meant that players could cross metal detector barriers multiple times without an alarm sounding (if it was already triggered previously and on cooldown).

For full patch notes visit Rainbow 6 TTS reddit page.

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