Katarina, Tryndamere and Master Yi are getting Blood Moon skins

League of Legends new PBE preview shows off Katarina, Tryndamere and Master Yi are getting this year Blood Moon skins.

Blood Moon skin line is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Blood Moon champions are either Ionian demons or cult worshipers of the Blood Moon.

With Katarina, Tryndamere and Master Yi joining in the Blood Moon squad, there are now 19 champions who are either Ionian demons or cult worshipers of the Blood Moon. Riot still hasn’t announced whether Katarina, Tryndamere and Master Yi will be demons or cult worshipers.

Blood Moon Katarina:

Blood Moon Master Yi:

Blood Moon Tryndamere:

These skins are hitting PBE for testing and planned to hit the live servers on Patch 10.4.


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