Kai Cenat and Badlands Chugs 2 Litres of Orange Juice during Subathon

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Kai Cenat Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat and Youtuber Badlands Brooker recently chugged 2 Litres of orange juice during Subathon Livestream.

Kai Cenat is a popular American YouTuber and Twitch Streamer famous for his vlogs and prank content. He has a YouTube channel with more than 3.19 million subscribers. He is part of the AMP house, a sports-and-gaming-focused YouTube group consisting of JustFanum, ImDavisss, Duke Dennis, Agent 00, Kai Cenat, and Chrisnxtdoor.

Kai Cenat also has a Twitch channel with more than 3.4 million followers. His Twitch channel averages around 63k+ viewers and reached a high peak viewership count of 283k. In October 2022, he became the most subscribed Twitch streamer at the time.

Kai Cenat has been live for the last 24 days continuing his Mafiathon Subathon. During this time, Kai Cenat’s stream has been one with many incidents. Kai called another banned streamer iShowSpeed, a few days ago. Recently, he was also accused of receiving a handjob during Livestream a few days ago.

But other than that, his Subathon is going strong, with Cenat even breaching the 200k subscriber milestone during this subathon. But, recently, he chugged more than 2 Litres of orange juice with another popular YouTuber, Badlands Chugs.

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Kai Cenat and Badlands Chugs 2 Ltr Orange Juice

During Kai Cenat’s 24-day of Subathon, another popular YouTuber and internet personality Badlands Chugs joined the stream. At one point during the Livestream, both of them can be seen holding Boot Bear glasses with orange juice in them.

Then Kai Cenat says, “We’re about to chug some orange juice right now”.

Then Badlands Chugs says,

“So, if you’re ready, we are ready, enough talk, 3, 2, 1”.

Then, they both start chugging 2 liters of orange juice in one go.

Badlands finishes the juice in seconds, leaving Kai Cenat baffled and shocked.

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