Jump-bots are disrupting VALORANT’s matchmaking experience

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Players are frequently reporting the appearance of Jump-bots in ranked matches. 

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In terms of matchmaking quality, VALORANT is absolutely hitting rock bottom from every perspective. AFKers, deserters & smurfs are causing massive disruption in matchmaking servers. If that’s not enough, jump-bots are also appearing in ranked matches. These players are purposefully throwing games and making the whole situation more complicated. 

Usually, AFK players get disconnected after a certain amount of time. By design, Jump-bots generate light movements to bypass the AFK detection algorithm. Moreover, Jump-bots are also preventing AFK players from getting any punishment from the game. Counter-Strike also suffered from a similar condition in its early days.

An experience shared by Redditor C9sButthole perfectly describes the impact of Jump-bots in ranked matches. If there are Jump-bot users in the server, players won’t even get the option to remake or surrender in a match. Jump-bots are also not classified as cheat engines, so Vanguard is practically useless against it. Even though Riot’s anti-cheat system Vanguard is really effective against hackers, the software is unable to deal with such threats.

Since the release of ACT 2, VALORANT’s matchmaking quality is in a constant downfall. While South Asian Servers are full of toxic players & smurfs, North American players are often falling into ranked matches with boosted players. Coupled with these existing problems, jump-bots might spread like wildfire among misbehaving players.

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VALORANT developers promised to implement effective measurements to reduce Smurfs from the game. Not too long ago, Riot officials also outlined a plan to detect & punish disruptive players. Nonetheless, Riot’s needs to put things in motion before the issue slips out of control.

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