Jookga aka Boston Uprising, champions of Flash Ops: Experimental Card Tournament – NA

Overwatch Experimental Card Tournament is a special kind of event announced by Blizzard. The unique part of this tournament is that the heroes are tweaked with suggestions from both pro players and the community.

In this tournament, the devs have brought in Overwatch League players like Saebyeolbe, Soon and Space to discuss what hero changes they would like to see in the game. Also, This event has been open to the public as well so the community suggestions were also considered. After taking all opinions into account, new hero changes have been added to the game by Blizzard. The list of changes can be found here.

The teams are Jookga aka Boston Uprising and ReaperFriday aka Atlanta Reign. In the top 16, Jookga defeated Gunshots @ Taco bell, SPACLE’S SUPA SOULJAS and Initial Drift and went on to the finals. On the other side, ReaperFriday defeated Solstice Nix, American Tornado, Team Tazmo without Tazmuyaho and progressed onto the finals
Now ReaperFriday and face eachother in the Grand Finals.

Team Lineups


Team Jookga mainly consisted of Boston Uprising players including-

  • Im37
  • Faith
  • 김병주
  • punk
  • stand1


Team ReaperFriday mainly consisted of Atlanta Reign players including-

  • Gator
  • Ir1s
  • Kai
  • 세젤귀강민주
  • Masaa
  • syrus

Mapwise Scores

Jookga 2-1 ReaperFriday
Jookga 2-3 ReaperFriday
Jookga 2-1 ReaperFriday
Temple of Anubis
Jookga 4-3 ReaperFriday

Thus, Jookga are the champions of Overwatch Flash Ops: Experimental Card Tournament – NA.

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