Joe Rogan Gets Called Out By Ninja, DrLupo, and Others For Calling Video Games “A Waste of Time”

Joe Rogan gets called out by Ninja, DrLupo, and others on Twitter for calling games a problem for most people and a waste of time.

Joe Rogan is a famous comedian and host of Joe Rogan’s experience. It is one of the most listened to podcast out there. Previously he used to be an MMA commentator and later he started his very own podcast. Recently he signed an exclusive deal with Spotify to only host his podcast on Spotify.

In one of his recent podcast episodes, he called gaming a problem because it is fun and for most people a waste of time. He also added that gaming was not as profitable as other hobbies. He compared gaming to Jiujitsu.

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Joe Rogan said in his podcast, “Video games a real problem. You know why? Because they’re f**king fun. You do them, and they’re real exciting, but you don’t get anywhere.”

Ninja & DrLupo Responds

Ninja, DrLupo, and many others responded to Joe Rogan on Twitter. They pointed out the inherent problem with Joe Rogan’s statement about video games.

DrLupo responded on Twitch saying that, “Listening to this podcast is a waste of time if it’s all you do all day and wait for the next episode.

Generalized bad take is bad. Anything can be harmful in excess. Video games have made many people successful, they’re the cause for a majority of my friendships, etc.”

DrLupo said Rogan’s take on gaming was too generalized.

Many people pointed out that they met their online friends or found the love of their life because of games. Others pointed out that Joe Rogan’s statement relied on monetary gains too heavily. Others said anything that provides fun is not a waste of time.

Ninja also uploaded a video elaborating these points about gaming.

Everyone agrees that any hobbies done in excess is a bad thing but singling out gaming out of all other hobbies is not something that should be done.

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