Japanese Apex Legends YouTuber ‘RakyThought’ Breaks The Highest Damage World Record

A Japanese Apex Legends YouTuber who goes by the name of RakyThought recently broke the most damage in a single match world record.

Just a few months ago Apex Legends pro player iiTzTimmy successfully broke the 9,000 damage barrier and claimed the world record for most damage in a single match. This was back in February and since then Apex players have been trying to overcome the 10,000 damage barrier.

At first, it seems impossible to break the 10,000 damage barrier as there are a limited number of players in a match, and squads often die fighting each other. And Apex being a fast-paced game and the circle forcing confrontations between squads make it even more unlikely to fight every squad.

But a Japanese Apex Legends YouTuber called ‘RakyThought’ has finally managed to achieve the impossible by dealing over 10,000 damage and snatching the world record.

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10,000 Damage:

In a recent game of Apex Legends, RakyThought managed to deal more than 10,000 damage with a whopping 26 kills, 0 assists, and 32 knocks. The exact damage he dealt was 10,664 which is 1595 more than iiTzTimmy‘s 9069 damage.

While Timmy used Horizon as his legend of choice, RakyThought used Octane’s high mobility and low cooldowns to his advantage. In the latest Season 9 update, Octane received a cooldown reduction on his tactical. His STIM cooldown was reduced from 4 seconds to 1 second but the health sacrifice was increased. Maybe this was the key to breaking the 10,000 damage barrier in Apex?

RakyThought’s guns of choice were the Spitfire LMG and Eva-8 Shotgun. Although he used the Volt SMG and Spitfire Combo for some time during the first few kills.

RakyThought also shared a video of his 10,664 damage world record on his YouTube channel-

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