IWillDominate is no longer allowed to Co-Stream LCS as he is removed from the League Partnership Program

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Popular League streamer Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera has announced that he is removed from League Partnership Program and no longer allowed to co-stream LCS.

IWillDominate has been co-streaming the LCS for quite some time now. And recently due to how bad the LCS production has become, he gained a lot of recognition from the League community. He’s been doing this activity and shifted most of his content towards the LCS co-streaming.

But, today, IWillDominate made an announcement on his Twitch stream that Riot Games has removed him from the League Partnership Program. Thus, he will not be able to co-stream LCS or Academy any longer.

Former Team Liquid player has also shown a statement on his stream that was sent by Riot Games. “Recently, our system flagged statements made on your social media account that violated our policies, and desire to foster a safe and inclusive community,” Riot said. “Therefore, effective immediately, you’ve been removed from the League Partnership Program.”

Dom was certainly very heartbroken about this. In his stream, he said, “I got this today, I don’t know why, I’m trying to talk to them, and trying to explain, hey, you know this is something I’ve changed all my content around and this is something I love doing and what I’m passionate about.”

IWillDominate further explained on his Twitter that this ban is due to something he has said on a social media account. And soon after that, many fans have been wondering what Dom could have said that led him to his LPP status removal. Many fans think his ban is not justified and another League streamer Yassuo also started a #FREEDOM hashtag to unban IWillDominate.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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