It is now illegal to reupload LEC stream footage without proper editing

LEC has updated their content policy where it is now illegal to reupload LEC stream footage without proper editing.

It is very common to see a bunch of YouTube channels where they just simply reupload LEC clips without any kind of editing and monetizing their videos. As a result, LEC has updated its policy for the 2020 Summer Split.

In the blog post, they said “Starting this summer we will begin using “Smart Live Protection” to protect LEC and European Masters assets.” The goal of these changes is to prevent people from rebroadcasting or re-uploading their content.

However, many players still uploading or rebroadcasting the LEC stream footages. As a result, LEC is now emailing the uploaders to take down their videos.

illegal to reupload LEC stream footage
Image Credit: u/ShitPoeStir

In the mail shared by Reddit user ShitPoeStir, it can be seen that LEC has stated, “starting this week (LEC Week 3) it will be illegal to upload a VOD without added value, and we will issue a copyright takedown on videos.”

In order to rebroadcast, a creator must need an official broadcast partner license. And for uploading videos, content creators can not upload videos without any kind of editing. Although LEC mentioned that, they can still upload “edited” content, such as highlights, analyses, and commentary.

A lot of League of Legends players think it’s a great step forward from the LEC as a lot of YouTubers are not putting any kind effort and making money out of it. That’s being said, its also a matter of time until LCS and others also update their policy as well.


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