Is Valorant pushing Valve to release Counter-Strike in Source 2 sooner?

Source 2 coming soon?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now breaking all previous records as the whole world is in a lockdown state right now.

Even after all the new records, is the looming threat of Valorant from Riot games right around the corner pushing Valve to release Source 2 in counter-strike global offensive sooner than expected?

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Many sources are claiming that source 2 will be released in CSGO in two months. This is somewhat not that reliable cause of the global lockdown that is taking place right now. This tweet clearly implies that 2 months in valve time so we all have to take this news with a good grain of salt.

Since Riot is really pushing hard with their new tactical FPS Valorant, many are stating that Valve might be in a bit of hurry cause they would want to release this before Valorant hits market.

Valve is in a really good place right now if the new record in the steam charts is any indication. Some part of the source 2 is allegedly already in the game like Panorama, new Hammer, better rendering, maybe new physics, maybe Vulkan instead of DX9.

Devs were talking pretty openly about Source 2 in 2017 but they may be in a bit of a rush to finally launch it before anyone else get any kind of head start.

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