Is Skate (4) Free to Play?

Skate 4 is going to be the next game in the Skate franchise. And there are talks about it being free to play. So here we will break down all you need to know about it.

Skate has always been one of the better skating games available to play. Unfortunately, the last Skate game was released more than a decade ago. So fans have been expecting a new Skate for quite some time. Unfortunately, the newer skate game has not been in development for long. So it will still be a while since we get a newer one.

But the good news is that Stake 4 is now in development. It was announced back in 2020 in an EA Play event. And since July 8 of this year, the official playtest of the game started. So, it is in the full development phase. But there has been no release date for it yet. The devs say it will come out when the game is ready.

With the game being close to done, there has been much talk about whether it is a free-to-play title or not. And fortunately for us, we have a lot of official statements to go on. So here are all the things you need to know about it.

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Skate (4): Free to Play?

The developers of Skate 4 held a live stream where they revealed various things about the game. According to them, the next Skate game is a Skate 4 since the “4” means there is a tie-in with the previous game. So instead, they call it Skate since it doesn’t have any other tie with their last Skate game.

The devs also said it will be a live service game and will have support for years to come. They plan to update the game with new content and seasonal drops frequently. And yes, this will be a free-to-play title, just like many other live service games.

The reception for this announcement has been pretty mixed. So the developers assured that there would be no content locked behind a paywall. They also said the game has no pay-to-win element, and all the microtransactions will be cosmetics only. However, there will be content that needs to be unlocked through gameplay. Unfortunately, we are not yet sure what this is.

On the bright side, everyone will be able to experience the new Skate game, and many new players will be exposed to it. It will also support cross-progression and cross-platform support. And there will even be a mobile version of the game along with all other major platform releases.

The free-to-play model for the Skate game is a pretty significant change. If done right, it can generate an even larger fan base for the game. But many are still skeptical of the free-to-play model since there have been many examples of the model failing because of microtransaction and pricing issues.

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