Is Scorn on Game Pass?

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Scron is an indie horror game that has been in development for quite a few years. Since it came out recently, it is a fair question to ask if the game is on Game Pass. We are here to answer that.

Scron is a game inspired by the art of H. R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. It is a survival horror game with a little bit of FPS mixed in. Being a survival horror game, the ammo is very hard to find. You do get a few different guns, but you need to make sure every bullet counts.

The main attraction of the game is its art style. The H. R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński inspiration is all over the game’s world. The story is also pretty vague and up for interpretation. But it is a game worth playing and experiencing yourself.

With the game being in development for so long, it was picked up by Microsoft for funding. So the question generally arises, will it be on game pass? Here is everything you need to know about it.

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Is Scron Available on Game Pass?

Yes, Scron is available on the game pass. So if you have a subscription to the game pass, you can download and play the game right now. Since the development of Scron started in 2014, it has come across a lot of hurdles. But finally, the game was picked by Microsoft and published on 14 October 2022.

Since Microsoft was behind with a lot of funding for the game, we expected the game to be available on the Game Pass sooner or later. But we did not have to wait long for it to happen. It is available on the game pass as of right now.

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