Is Grounded on Game Pass?

Grounded is a survival game where your character gets shrunk in size and then tries to survive in this backyard. If you are wondering, is Grounded on Game Pass? We are here to answer that.

Grounded is a unique premise in the genre of survival games. Here, you are experimenting with different things in your backyard. But something goes wrong, and you and your friends get shrunk to the size of bugs. Your goal is to survive in this state and find a way to resize back to the standard form.

Grounded takes place in a home’s backyard. So, you can expect a lot of grassy lands. You need to make a base from those grass and slowly research and upgrade the different types of materials to unlock better items. The main enemies you will face in the game is different types of bug, spiders being the apex predator.

Grounded is a good experience considering you don’t have arachnophobia. But even then, the game has an accessibility option for those players with arachnophobia. But is this game available on game pass? Here is the answer:

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Grounded: Is It on Game Pass?

In short, yes, Grounded is on Game Pass. Game Pass has an extensive collection of games you can play, and Grounded is one of them. So as long as you have the game pass subscription, you can play Grounded on Xbox or PC. But if you cancel the subscription, you will need to buy the game to play it.

Grounded was added to Game Pass in September 2022, and now it’s a fully released version. Before that, it was in beta for two years. So we think it is here to stay in the game pass for the future. But games get added and taken out from the game pass all the time. So as for now, Grounded is in the game pass.

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