IOInteractive just dropped the teaser for project OO7

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By Md Obyead
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Project OO7 teaser was revealed earlier on Twitter and it has us all in shock.

It was not a secret that IOInteractive were working on a new game but project 007 was certainly a shock to everyone. This could be a very compelling game if made in the right way, and since it is IOinteractive we all have our fingers crossed.

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IOInteractive has always delivered top-notch Spy games like the Hitman series and the announcement of a James bond game is certainly very absorbing. The Twitter post said “Earn your 00 status in the very first James Bond origin story”, so we could be looking at a game where players go on missions and earn their way into becoming the super-spy OO7.

It has been eight years since the last James Bond game which was truly a gem. Project OO7 teaser trailer was dropped today but we do not have a release date yet so we can presume it is still in the early days of development.

IO Interactive said the game will be released on “modern systems and platforms,” so we can safely assume that it is coming to both PC and current-gen consoles. They still have not released whether it will be available at 4k at 60fps but seeing how it will release in the coming years it probably will.

This game has great potential and fans are definitely excited to see how the game will be when it releases. IO interactive have made some great spy games in the past and will this be another one of their success stories only time will tell.

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