IO Interactive displays why they can make a James Bond game

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The new Hitman 3 opening cinematic is the very reason why IO interactive can make a James bond game.

Last month IO Interactive dropped the announcement for a James Bond game, and a lot of people were in doubt if they could pull it off. Today they released the opening cinematic for Hitman 3 and this explains why no other studio can do justice to a James Bond game. Furthermore, the Hitman series will end with Hitman 3, so a James bond game makes sense.

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IO Interactive has a specialty when it comes to making games that are spy based. Not to mention they made the fan love the Hitman series what it is now. From the classic Contracts and Kill in 2000 to the most interactive environment assassin thriller. In all honesty, this adds to the many reasons why they making the James bond game is the right decision.

In the Hitman 3 opening cinematic, the story continues with Agent 47 trying to break the system. The cinematic shows Agent 47 in Suadi Arabia roaming around the deserts, sky, and streets using planes and cars. The cinematic had everything right and showed why IO Interactive can make the best spy games.

The series started back in 2016, and on Jan 20th, the final game of the series will come out. The cinematic also showed Agent 47 working with someone which is new since Agent 47 always works alone. It could potentially mean coop might be coming to the game, but this is just an assumption. Either way, we are expecting this Hitman game to shine just like all the others have.

The first-ever hitman game came out in 2000, and IO Interactive has constantly added to the brilliant series since then. Hitman has a different fan base, which is exactly why it is one of the only studios that can do justice to a Bond game.

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