Intellivision CEO threatens Legal Action over Report disclosing Confidential Information about Amico

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Tommy Tallarico, who is the President and CEO of Intellivision, has threatened an Ars Technica journalist with legal action for using confidential information in their mostly negative report on Intellivision’s latest console Amico.

If you are unaware of what Amico is, it is a “family-friendly” video game console being developed by Intellivision. The reason behind the family-friendly tag is due to the games in the console’s library being free of blood, gore, profanity, sexually explicit content, etc. Moreover, the games will not have any in-game purchases, loot boxes, paid DLC, or advertisements.

In a report published by Ars Technica journalist Sam Machkovech, the journalist points out that the images used for promoting the console were altered, which is heavily misleading for consumers. In the original stock images, the people were holding PlayStation’s DualShock controllers that had been digitally replaced with Amico controllers.

Moreover, Machkovech also pointed out that during Amico’s presentation in 2021’s E3, the gameplay footage shown may not have been running on Amico at all, as viewers couldn’t “tell if the Amico controllers are legitimately interacting with the nearby TV set”.

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However, this report was met negatively with the company’s CEO Tommy Tallarico. He went on a rant on Twitter about how using stock images for promotion does not go against the law. Moreover, he also claimed that the journalist had provided a lot of confidential information about their console, which was not open for public disclosure.

Following this rant, the CEO threatened to take legal action against the reporter. A few of the tweets in this thread have since then been deleted.

Tommy Tallarico Responds

Tallarico has since responded to the incident, explaining that Sam Machkovech had been called out due to his violating the DMCA. He further admitted to getting too upset and ended on the note that he will try to handle these situations better in the future.

Amico was revealed for the first time in October 2018, and the company started taking pre-orders in April of 2019. It is currently slated for an October 10, 2021 release and will be priced at $249 USD.

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