Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Cologne: How to watch, brackets, schedule, and More

IEM is back at it again with another CSGO Major and this time it is the Season 16 Cologne and going to be held in LAN.

Intel Extreme Masters Season XV1 Cologne is the 16th installment of the series. Here, 24 teams will take part in the LAN event to fight for the $1,000,000 USD prize pool.

The best teams from all around the world have qualified for this event through regional Road to Cologne tournaments and according to ESL World Rankings.

Tournament Format

The tournament will be held in 3 stages. The first stage will be play-ins from which the top 8 teams will advance to the group stage. They and the teams that have directly qualified will battle in the Group stage from which 4 teams will go to the playoffs. Finally, from them, 1 team will rise to be the champions and take home the $400,000 USD prize pool.

The matches are going to be Best of 3 and the Grand Finals are going to be Best of 5. The first two stages are also going to be a double-elimination bracket and the playoffs are going to be a single-elimination bracket.

How to watch

The matches will be streamed and cast live on the Twitch channel: ESL CSGO
They will also be streamed live on their Youtube channel as well: ESL CSGO

So the stage is set for yet another Counter-Strike Global Offensive major tournament. The hype is real as, after a long time, this is a major taking place in LAN.

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