Insane Icebox bug in VALORANT allows Jett to hover across the map

Thanks to the VALORANT community, another Icebox bug similar to the Slingshot Bug has been detected. Jett is now able to independently fly over Icebox without requiring any extra elements from the map.

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It’s been a month since the arrival of Icebox in VALORANT. Recently Icebox has been made available for competitive queues. Even after several major and minor updates, Icebox is still saturated with bugs and glitches. Icebox didn’t receive a warm welcome from the players due to its complex design and lack of practicality.

Redditor GluhfGluhf showed how utilizing the bug would allow Jett to float around a huge portion of the map. This bug’s reproduction rate is not yet reported, but it definitely gives Jett a massive advantage. Establishing proper Mid control is easier with the help of this bug. With such upper hands during early rounds, it’s enough to assume how irritating it can be for the opposing side.

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RIOT’s official First Strike tournament is set to start in December. Previously during the NA First Strike qualifier, professional VALORANT players absolutely hated the in-game updates during the tournament. RIOT officials will inevitably dispatch a fix for this bug once they recognize it. However, many players are still not happy with RIOT’s decision to place Icebox in the competitive map pool.

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