Infamous Apex Legends Data Miner Leaves for this Unfortunate reason

That1MiningGuy left the game

Apex Legends most prominent data miner That1MiningGuy recently announced that he will be taking a break from now until any further notice. He shared this news with a tweet explaining the reason behind his absence.

This infamous data miner was responsible for many of the leaks related to Apex Legends. Just recently he tweeted this unfortunate news that he may no longer able to continue his voyage as his wife has been diagnosed with serious disease.

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Unfortunate Turn of Events

Due to his wife being diagnosed with a serious illness he will not be able to continue to do what he has been doing since Apex released back last year. He will instead spend time with his wife.

Apex fan has been supportive of his decision. He was kind of the main data miners for Apex Legends. That1MiningGuy has received an inestimable amount of support form both Twitter and fans form Apex subreddit.

Dataminers like That1MiningGuy are a crucial part of any gaming community as they hype up any future changes that may be just around the corner. Regardless some devs showed their frustration as the Revenant reveal was supposedly ruined.

Even though not all the developers of the game may not agree with the sentiment, we can all agree that they are still a valuable part of the community.

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