Indian Police Arrest Two Men for Harassing Korean Streamer Mhyochi During Livestream

Recently the Indian police arrested two men after they harassed Korean streamer Mhyochi during her IRL Livestream.

Mhyochi is a Korean Twitch streamer with more than 12k followers. She usually streams in the Just Chatting category showcasing the places she visits. Her latest trip has led her to India, and something unexpected happened during her time there.

Mhyochi was streaming as usual in Mumbai, India, when she came across an overly friendly person. Their conversation started with hi’s and hellos. At one point, the man in the video said, “Love you”. To which Mhyochi’s reply as a streamer was, “Oh! you love me? I love you too”.

The two then fist-bumped. She then went ahead a little bit and found a vegetarian restaurant. She was showing the restaurant sign to her viewers when the man came near Mhyochi again.

This time the man said, “Come come, come here, hello.”. Mhyochi then asked the person, “Is it ok? I’m making the video, is it ok?”. The man then came very close to Mhyochi, put one hand on her shoulders, and tried to kiss her on the cheek.

Mhyochi had a shocked expression on her face and asked the person how old he was. The man then dragged Mhyochi by the hand and tried to get her to sit on his bike for a ride, and tried to kiss her again. Mhyochi declined the offer. While quickly walking away from the spot, Mhyochi said, “What the f**k”. The two men still didn’t leave her alone and followed Mhyochi on their bike. Mhyochi then told them that her house was close by. At this point, the men on the bike said, “ok ok”, so we can assume they finally left her alone.

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Indian Police Arrested the two men:

The video went viral, and Mumbai police registered an FIR and arrested the two men. The two men were then sent to 1-day police custody.

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