Improved Report and Punishment system for game-ruining behavior is on the horizon in League of Legends

After a lot of criticism, Riot Games has finally revealed their short and long term goals to combat inters/afkers.

Players have been complaining about the increasing numbers of inters in the soloq for years now, but the League of Legends community went ham when a former pro player Voyboy called out Riot Games for their lack of actions towards inters or afkers. Many streamers have also followed up Voyboy, raising their voices regarding the current state of League. For the last couple of days League of Legends, subreddit is full of complaints as well.

But, today on the latest dev post, Riot game director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon shared their short and long term goals to combat inters/afkers.

For the upcoming patch 10.10, Riot Games is planning to improve the Report Feedback system. Previously, after reporting, players would only receive a notification if that reported player’s punishment was triggered immediately. And the punishment was for the specific category they have been reported. But the number of people that actually got the notifications is relatively low and even Riot has agreed stating, “Notifications were substantially lower than actual punishments.”

A player recently reported on Reddit that, Riot is also not reviewing the reports that are being submitted through tickets.

But now, for the revised notification system, players will be notified if that reported player is punished regardless of the category of the report. And you will still be notified if that player is punished even after a dozen games. The changes are planned to hit live servers in patch 10.10 on the NA server only and after a couple of weeks of testing, it will hit the rest of the servers.

Riot is about to implement champ select reporting and muting for their short term goal. From late Q2, Riot Games will give the opportunity to report players in Champ Select. They said, “First, these reports will be used to establish a data foundation for champ select behavior. Then, once we’ve got enough data to identify different types of behavior accurately, we’ll deploy a punishment system.”

For the moderate terms, Riot is going to reexamine their previous stance on rapid, automated detection of players who are trying to lose a game intentionally. Sometimes you may have a bad day and not intentionally trolling, but your team may still report you for inting.

Regarding this Meddler said, “We’ve been very cautious about it historically due to the risk of falsely identifying, and therefore punishing, a player who isn’t actually trolling.”

As it is quite hard to determine who is actually trolling, they will be figuring out what is an acceptable rate of incorrect bans if it results in a noticeable drop in deliberate inting/afking.

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