Improved new player experience is coming to Dota 2

Dota 2 Esports is growing year by year with massive prize pools and many new players want to try themselves if they are good in the game or not. But with the lack of content for new players, it is harder for them to get themselves into the game.

Reddit user kindxx, found some info about Valve’s potential plan for improving the new player experience. In the latest update, he found some deleted strings named “missions” which will help new players to understand Dota 2 better. There are other strings such as “The Basics”, “Farming and Items”, “Teamfighting”, and “Hero Mastery”.

“The Basics” seems more like just exploring the map and get new players to know what the map is like.

“Farming and Items”, in this string it seems like Valve will bring back classics such as the Shopkeeper’s Quiz, last hit trainer, some neutral farming challenge, stacking/pulling and introduce with Alchemist.

“Taking Objectives”

“Teamfighting” seems to be about team fights with earthshaker. This section also includes some advanced stuff like counter-initiation, saves and healing disables and interrupts.

There are some other missions like mid 1v1 bots, and other challenges similar to all hero challenge. kindxx also mentioned there are also a lot of new strings surrounding “creep cards”. And creep cards will introduce new players to all the neutral creeps on the map, along with their health, mana, abilities and other stuff. And with all the Lorem ipsums, it is clear that Valve is trying to improve bettering their new players’ experience.

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