Imposter Twitch Streams are Still a Thing Even After Years of Complaints

It seems like imposters impersonating famous streamers on Twitch is still a thing even after many years. At this point, it seems like Twitch really doesn’t care if people are getting scammed by these imposters.

Impersonating famous people is not something new. Many people have tried to impersonate famous people in the past. Some people do it for fun while others are using the fame of successful people to scam people.

Impersonating famous streamers on Twitch is also not new. Many scammers are using the likeness of famous streamers like Shroud and S1mple to scam people. These scammers are using bots to increase their views so people think it’s the real streamer.

These scammers are making people click on links by writing things like, “Free skins” and “Giveaway”. Clicking on these links might send unsuspecting viewers to phishing sites or gambling sites. But people are clicking on these links thinking they are legit links shared by famous trustworthy streamers.

Twitch needs to take immediate action against these imposters to stop people from getting scammed on their site.

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Fake Shroud and S1mple on Twitch:

Jason Power on Twitter recently shared the seriousness of the issue. Among the top ten viewed channels on Twitch, two were imposters. These imposters had more than 10k viewers and people could easily be fooled into thinking these are the real Shroud or S1mple seeing their viewer numbers.

Another funny incident that happened was regarding S1mple’s ban from Twitch. The real S1imple was banned by Twitch on October 31st. But his imposter is still live streaming on Twitch even after the original S1mple’s ban.

Many people have complained to Twitch to shut down these channels that are impersonating famous streamers like Shroud and S1mple to scam people on Twitch. But Twitch is yet to take any action on this issue even after many years of complaints.

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