IG vs TES Preview LPL Summer Split

IG and TES are set to play tomorrow where its do or die for IG and TES also needs wins to secure a higher playoff spot.

The LPL Summer Split has been a great watch so far with many teams vying for a playoff spot. With only 2 out of the 10 playoff spots confirmed, a lot is at stake for many of these teams. Hence, we preview one of the biggest matches tomorrow which is IG vs TES.


Top Esports has had a decent run in the split so far. Knight has been on a tear with his Sylas and they have been one of the best teamfighting teams in a region full of such teams. Qingtian has been a good addition as a teamfighting presence but his laning still needs a lot of work. Karsa is playing as well as he can for the team. However, the problem with TES lies in the bot lane as ironic as it sounds.

JackeyLove has been regarded as the best ADC for a while but his form this split has been inconsistent at best. He has had games where he pops off but he also has had games where he is invisible. They brought in yuyanjia mid split to likely bolster the lane and give JackeyLove some confidence going forward. To get a higher seed in the playoffs, all they have to do is win the rest of their games and that should put them around the top 6.


Invictus Gaming has had quite a ride so far this split. With their Head Coach Nofe and top laner TheShy joining the team so late, it has caused them to be in quite a rut. They are in a situation now where all of the games are a must win, that includes the game tomorrow against TES. If they win all their games, they stand a chance to make the playoffs. If they don’t, this will be the first time in Rookie’s time with the team that they will miss playoffs.

The performances of the team itself have been lackluster. Rookie has not been in good form so far and Xun is underperforming as a jungler. TheShy has not played enough games for us to judge his form but he should be the same player we expect him to be. Wink and Lucas have been on and off as a bot lane duo. For IG to win the rest of their games, they have to muster everything they can and take it one series at a time. If IG can beat TES, this could put some real momentum on the team to potentially make a run at making playoffs.

The Series

TES vs IG will be a fun series to watch. TheShy going against Qingtian should be fairly TheShy dominant given how aggressive TheShy is at lane. Karsa will need to help out Qingtian in that aspect to make sure there isn’t a huge deficit for TES when it comes to the mid game. Xun has to do the same thing to cover his solo lanes and make something happen to gain leads.

The highlight matchup will undoubtedly be Rookie vs Knight. However, given Rookie’s current form, we would lean towards Knight at the moment. IG will need to ban Sylas which has been Knight’s best pick. Then, you should give Rookie as good of a matchup in the lane as possible, and hopefully, that will be enough to stabilize the lane.

The win conditions of TES would be to get Knight or JackeyLove ahead. On the other hand, IG’s win conditions would be to get TheShy ahead or Rookie finding form.

To wrap things up, we are expecting a 3 game series and hopefully, we will get a good one to watch and maybe create some storylines going into the playoffs.

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