Hyper Scape gets a new Halloween event, Console FOV slider, and more in Patch V2.1

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

With Halloween season upon us, many Battle Royale games are celebrating with limited-time events, including Apex Legends, Call of duty: Warzone, and more. And now Ubisoft has also decided to join the party with the new Halloween event in Hyper Scape.

The new Patch V2.1 brought many more requested features to the game and the new Halloween event yesterday. The limited-time event will run for two weeks straight, ending on November 3rd. Players will be able to unlock new exclusive cosmetics through this event, and can also try out two new limited-time game modes.

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Hyper scape halloween event

Season 2 will see the arrival of Hyper Scape’s first Seasonal Event: Halloween!

During this Event, Neo Arcadia will be switching to the Night setup and new limited-time game modes will continue to appear each week: Solo Crown Rush with Second Chance, then Dark Haze Squad. New items will also appear in the Shop, new Challenges will be available, and a Candy power-up will be present in all game modes. The Candies will provide a short speed boost as well as regen a chunk of your health


Hyper scape halloween event

The solo crown rush mode will come back during the first week of Halloween! It will include a new respawn mechanic called second chance that will give players the opportunity to get back into the fight if they get eliminated early in the match.

Any number of times you get eliminated during the first 4:40 minutes of the battle, you will get re-deployed via your pod. You will reappear in the skies directly above your death location and will be able to fly where you want from there. An icon will mark where you died. You will not keep the equipment you looted prior to your death but will keep your ammo, so try to decide if you want to go back to the same spot to get your loot back or prefer to find a new, safer place to land.

Second Chance will only be active in Solo Crown Rush, and while this mode is available.


Hyper scape halloween event

On the second week of Halloween, the Dark Haze Squad game mode will be available.

In Dark Haze, Neo Arcadia is plunged in darkness and covered by a thick fog reducing visibility, so watch out for enemies. In that mode, only certain weapons & hacks are available – but one of them is the platform hack, which makes its debut in Hyper Scape!

Patch V2.1 also brought new features to the game, check out all the new changes down below:




A new exponential aiming curve has been added for controllers and the behavior of the other curves has been improved. The three aiming curves (classic, linear and exponential) now use the same speed / top speed settings. We also fixed some issues where the diagonal speed was sometimes different between vertical & horizontal speed, which should increase the comfort when aiming.

This comes with new aiming settings to customize your controller:

  • Horizontal extra speed
  • Vertical extra speed
  • Horizontal extra speed (ADS)
  • Vertical extra speed (ADS)
  • Extra speed delay
  • Extra speed time
  • Extra speed delay (ADS)
  • Extra speed time (ADS)

We also added an outer threshold (dead zone) setting that should fix most input issues with controllers.


[HYP]Screenshot DefaultSettings2

With the arrival of the new aiming curve system, we made a pass on all default aiming settings; we also decided to reset all the aiming-related settings for controllers to make sure everyone would benefit from the changes (if you experienced any control issues it is recommended you restore the default setting manually first).

  • Auto-Sprint is now on by default (true for PC & Consoles)
    • Controllers only:
      • Default controller layout is now Instant Melee.
      • Exponential curve is selected by default
      • Controller Aim assist is set at 100 by default.
      • Input Smoothing is OFF by default
      • All default aiming settings for controller have been updated. This includes sensitivity, ADS, extra speed delay and time settings.


[HYP]Screenshot ControllerLayouts3

2 new controller layouts have been added: reverse bumper, which is a copy of the shoulder jump layout with reversed button functions and stick jumper, which allows player to jump with the right stick.

Also, instant melee action has been added to all layouts, except the “default” Hyper Scape layout. This means that the 3rd Emote action has become unavailable for certain layouts.__


Hyper scape halloween event

With improvements made to rendering in-game, a new field of view slider has been added on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles.

Keep in mind that changing the default value might impact the overall visual quality of the game, as it affects the dynamic resolution scaling.

  • Default value: 80
  • Minimum value: 70
  • Maximum value: 105
  • Currently available on: PS4 Pro and Xbox One. Coming to PS4 and Xbox in a future Title Update, planned for November

Developer Notes: As we’ve communicated in the past, we’re committed to making this feature available on all platforms. The slider will be available on PS4 and Xbox consoles in a future Title Update coming in November!

Check out the full patch notes over here.

Although Hyper Scape couldn’t hold its initial popularity, the Devs are still trying their best to make this game better for all the players. Hyper Scape is available free on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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