Hyper Scape All Hacks and Weapons listed

Ubisoft’s latest Battle Royale ‘Hyper Scape’ has gained a lot of attraction on Twitch since its closed beta release. Currently, the game is on PC open beta, with a console release coming in the future.

Hyper Scape brings a unique take to the BR scene as there are no special legends with individual powers. Instead, the game contains unique abilities called ‘Hacks’ that every player can loot and equip to gain an advantage over enemies.

List of all abilities in Hyper Scape

  • Teleport: lets you aim at a distant location and teleport there in a heartbeat.
  • HEAL: Heal yourself and nearby teammates in a set area.
  • ARMOR: Become a fortress and mitigate damage when activated, but can’t shoot when using it.
  • SLAM: Jump high into the air and smash back down to the ground, dealing damage to any enemies, but can also be used to gain a height advantage.
  • WALL: Deploy this and instantly spawn a big wall with 250hp between you and your enemies.
  • INVISIBILITY: Become completely invisible for around 7 seconds. But enemies will hear an audio cue when it is activated.
  • MINE: If enemies get too close to this proximity mine, it’ll home in and unleash a devastating explosion.
  • REVEAL: The Reveal Hack will ping the location of nearby enemies for you and your squad.
  • BALL: Turn yourself into a bouncing ball, but can be broken by enemy attacks.
  • SHOCKWAVE: Send a shockwave out sending your enemies flying, but can also be used to gain mobility by aiming at the ground.

Hyper Scape: All weapons listed

  • D-Tap- Pistol with an auto-targeting system, but considered to be one of the weakest guns in the game. If you are struggling with your aim, it can be quite effective.
  • Riot One- A hard-hitting pistol, similar to the Wingman in Apex legends. So if can land your shots it is a good choice.
  • Mammoth MK 1- A Pump-action shotgun, which can be very deadly at close ranges, especially inside buildings.
  • Hexfire- LMG that can be used to spray continuously over your enemies without the fear of reloading. But has been nerfed before the Open beta release, so deals very less damage now.
  • Ripper- The classic assault rifle in a video game. But it is a very versatile weapon deals fair damage to enemies.
  • Protocol V- The only sniper rifle in Hyper Scape. With the 8x scope, it’ll be your best friend in a long-range fight.
  • Komodo- Plasma rocket launcher, which explodes on impact in a small radius.
  • Salvo EPL- A grenade launcher that bounces once off walls to explode on impact, dealing decent damage to enemies.
  • Skybreaker- An energy cannon that shoots powerful orb of energy. It moves very slowly, but can two-shot an enemy.
  • HARPY- The newest addition to the weapon lineup. A new SMG capable of dealing large damage at short range.

All the hacks and weapons in Hyper Scape can be fused to create a stronger version of that item. Fusion can be used to reduce cooldown times of abilities, increase magazine size of weapons and many more.

Hyper Scape is currently in the PC open beta, so you download it for free through Uplay and try it out for yourself.

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