How to watch VCT 2021 Stage 2 Masters Iceland, watch parties, brackets, schedules, fixtures, and more

VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters Iceland is the Grand event of VCT Stage 2. Here, for the first time, the best teams in the world will duke it out in the Global LAN event.

The VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Masters Reykjavík will have teams from all 7 regions. There will be 2 teams from NA, 2 from EMEA, 2 from Brazil, 1 from Korea, 1 from LATAM, 1 from Japan, and 1 from SEA.

With the Global health situation stabilizing, Riot is confident enough to host a LAN tournament for VCT Stage 2. Even though the Challengers events were held online in most locations, the Grand Masters event is going to be held in Iceland. The players will arrive and after going through a 14-day quarantine, they will be facing off in the Masters LAN event.

Tournament Format

The tournament will be Double Elimination brackets of 10 teams. The Champions of NA and EMEA have gotten placed in the upper seeds while the rest of the teams have to fight through a preliminary stage.

The prize pool is a whopping $600,000 USD which is the biggest for any VALORANT tournament so far. Along with the prize, teams will be competing for VCT Circuit points.

VCT Circuit points are spread among the Teams as below.

  • 1st (400pts)
  • 2nd (350pts)
  • 3rd (300pts)
  • 4th (250pts)
  • 5th-6th (200pts)
  • 7th-8th (175pts)
  • 9th-10th (150pts)

Tournament Schedule, Fixtures and Brackets

Image via Riot
May 24, 2021 – 15:00 UTCRound of 10FNC vs KRÜ
May 24, 2021 – 17:30 UTCRound of 10V1 vs CR
May 24, 2021 – 22:00 UTCUpper Bracket QuarterfinalsSharks vs NU
May 25, 2021 – 15:00 UTCUpper Bracket QuarterfinalsVikings vs X10
May 25, 2021 – 17:30 UTCUpper Bracket QuarterfinalsTL vsTBD
May 25, 2021 – 22:00 UTCUpper Bracket QuarterfinalsSEN vsTBD
Time schedule

All matches will be live on VALORANT’s official Twitch channel.

Also, there will be watch parties hosted by popular figures in the Valorant community including Shroud, TSM Myth, Pokimane, Average Jonas, and Plat Chat podcast.

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