Here is how to watch the $200K Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown

The increasing amount of popularity of “The Haunting of Verdansk” in Warzone is attracting a colossal amount of viewership on Twitch.

On top of the hype, Twitch Rivals is gearing up for a Warzone Showdown consisting of leading content creators, pros, and streamers.

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Activision has been providing a substantial amount of content for Warzone. Shortly after the update, numerous amount of sources prompted the arrival of a Night Mode in Warzone. Instead of the Night Mode, Activision deliberately dropped an update including both Night Mode and zombies, also known as “ The Haunting of Verdansk”.

How to Watch the Warzone Showdown:

The Warzone Showdown will be streamed directly via Twitch Rival’s primary channel. Besides the official channel, participating players are also allowed to stream the showdown match from their device, which enables viewers to engage with the event explicitly. 45 Duos/90 Players will compete against each other for a $200,000 prize pool. However, North America and Europe region will have a separate $100,000 prize pool. 

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Twitch is expecting to draw a massive audience for the Showdown as Warzone’s popularity earned a huge boost prior to the event. 

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