How to Upgrade Suit Tech: Spider-Man 2

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How to Upgrade Suit Tech in Spider-Man 2

Here is how to upgrade Suit Techs in Spider-Man 2.

Insomniac is back in the video game scene with its third installment in the Spider-Man series. This game won the hearts of gamers with its bombastic, crazy, and comic-booky vibes. In the new Spiderman-2, you can play both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. In this open-world game, you will be in the city, progressing through the adventure, doing main story missions, finding hidden collectibles, taking down enemy bases, and many other things.

To make your gameplay experience more manageable, the game offers your character some abilities and skills to use in combat. Besides having those powerful skills and gadgets, the suit techs are even more vital if you want to get stronger. In this guide, you will learn how to upgrade these Suit Techs.

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How to Upgrade Suit Tech in Spider-Man 2

There are four types of suit techs available in the game. Those four types of suit tech represent the health skill tree, damage skill tree, focus skill tree, and traversal skill tree. Each type of tech tree has various sub-tech skills. Upgrading those sub-skills will have benefits, including increased HP, increased damage output, two additional focus bars, and a movement boost.

To upgrade the suit tech skills in Spider-Man 2, you must unlock the first one using in-game resources such as Tech Parts, Rare Tech Parts, Hero Tokens, and City Tokens. You can gather those resources quickly if you commit enough crimes, FNSM requests, hunter blinds, and other activities.

After gathering enough tokens and tech parts, Go to the menu, select your preferred Suit Tech skill, and upgrade the skills by selecting CRAFT (HOLD X).

How to Upgrade Suit Tech in Spider-Man 2
Credit: Insomniac Games

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