How To Unlock The Free Afterparty Wrap In Fortnite

Epic Games is once again giving away free stuff. This time it’s the Afterparty wrap.

Epic Games has been known to give away a lot of free cosmetic items in the past. They sometimes give away free stuff during an event. And sometimes they give out free cosmetic items to entice people to attend a live event. Recently they started giving away free stuff to attract players to the new Party Royale Mode.

Players received party royale mode positively when it came out back in March. It is a fun little place to hang out with friends and make new friends. There are not fighting and building so it is free of sweats. Players can take part in fun little mini-games and compete with friends.

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Epic previously gave away free rewards for attending party royale events. The Neon Wings back-bling was given out for attending a Diplo concert previously.

How To Get The Afterparty Wrap?

Players who log in between July 30 to August 1 can get the Afterparty wrap. Anyone who logs in to Fortnite on these days will receive the wrap for free. There is no need to watch the Diplo concert.

This wrap will be a great match for people who previously bought the Nightlife skin. The Neon Wings back-bling, Afterparty wrap, and Nightlife skin will make a killer combo.

How To Get The Free Verve Emote?

Players who login between July 27 to July 29th can get the Verve emote for free.

When To Watch The Diplo Concert?

The timing of the last Diplo Higher Grounds concert was announced a few days back. The timing of the concert is given in the Tweet from Nexirex.

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